WAC science class learns about extinct animals

June 27th, 2015 1:14 am

First Posted: 2/27/2013

Mr. James Renfer’s fifth-grade science class at Wyoming Area Catholic School in Exeter did a research project on a specfic extinct animal. Their findings were presented on a poster board with their pictures and report on the animal. From left, first row, are Carl Yastremski, Ethan Cegelka, Richard Morris, Ryan Gardjulis, Ryan Reedy, Kristopher Latoski, Kyle Potorski, George Chronowski, Wlaker Cherry. Second row, Annie Bagnall, Tess Romani, Camyryn Cassetori, Samantha Yencha, Mr. James Renfer, science teacher; Jillian Foley, Valentina Caparelli, Cassie Benderavich and Cheyanna Hillman.