Send us your pizza stories

June 27th, 2015 1:14 am

First Posted: 9/28/2013

From round pizza to pediatrician, from corner bar to high school coach, the categories were vast.

Inside this edition of the Sunday Dispatch, we honor the “Best of Greater Pittston” in about 80 different categories. Despite us printing the special section and honoring the winners at a reception at Brews Brothers last week, the winners were all determined by our readers.

To our readers, we say thanks for voting! To the winners, we say salute! To those who didn’t win, better luck next year.

We’re lucky in Greater Pittston that we have so many vibrant businesses. After a quick count, we came up with 35 pizzerias alone in Greater Pittston. We even divided the category into two separate ones: square pizza (Sicilian) and round (Neopolitan).

Picking your favorite pizza has been compared to picking your favorite child. With beloved pizza, like children, we can love two or three or six or ten equally.

On Page 2 today our editor, Ed Ackerman, shares some of his pizza stories and memories.

We’re confident you have your own.

Maybe you met your sweetheart at the Savo’s on South Main Street or you and all your friends went to Tony’s after the Pittston Area football games.

Or maybe you loaded the family in the station wagon and drove to Ghigiarelli’s in Old Forge or you helped Antonio’s clean up after the flood.

Perhaps you caught a ride with the DeMuro’s delivery driver after your tire blew out one stormy night or maybe you picked up a tray at Cebula’s in Dupont on a Friday night during hunting season to share with the rest of your hunting cabin.

Anyone remember Pizza Casa on state Route 315 across from the Oblates? What about Pete’s Pizza in Exeter … or when it was on Main Street, Pittston? Pearl’s Pizza in Pittston? Gabella’s in Duryea? Lieback’s and Lello’s in Dupont? Babe’s on the Bypass? Red’s near Laflin? The walkup window at the Italian-American Citizens Club in Browntown?

What toppings do you order? Pepperoni at Sabatinis? Shrimp and hot peppers at Lizza’s Mezzo Mezzo? White pizza at Brutico’s? With onions at Shandra’s? Without at Victory Pig?

With so many local options in Greater Pittston, it’s no wonder a Pizza Hut opened, then closed.

We’re confident you have a similar trove of stories that are tied in to a pizza place and dripping with sauce. We’d love to hear them.

Send us your pizza story (keep it short) and we’ll print them all in a future edition. Make sure you include your name, hometown and phone number (we won’t print your number). Include a picture. We’ll print that as well.

If we were given to puns, we might say pizza stories are a slice of life around here.