St. John the Baptist Memorial to be placed

June 27th, 2015 1:15 am

First Posted: 5/23/2013

Soon the special place that once was the St. John the Baptist Church, school, convent, rectory, library,

and the Monsignor Super Sports Center will be marked with a special monument when a memorial marker

is placed near the site of St. John’s Church.

Were you one of the thousands of students who attended St. John’s School? Were you baptized, married, confirmed in St. John’s Church? Were you are parent, grandparent or friend who attended a basketball game or play in St. John’s Athletic Center?

Then you will want to be aware of the monument that will be dedicated to all the Slovak people, priests and nuns

who had a positive effect throughout the area.

The memorial marker will consist of a granite cross centered between two black granite stones. One stone will have a picture of the church and one will have a picture of the school. Contributors’ names and dedication date will be on the back of the market.

Also noted will be the founding site of the PA Slovak, Roman, and Greek Catholic Unionin 1893. This union was a fraternal designed to help and assist the many Slovak immigrants who labored in the mines. The Pennsylvania Slovak Union is now incorporated with the First Catholic Slovak union.

Dedication is planned for June 23 and 24, The Feast of St. John the Baptist.

For any additional information, donation names or to make a donation, contact Monsignor Bendik at 655-0053.