Happy Father’s Day, Duryea’s Samuel Goldstein

June 27th, 2015 1:16 am

First Posted: 6/7/2013

Editor’s note: This letter is written by Deborah Goldstein to her late father, Samuel Goldstein.

My dad is portrayed as having the utmost honesty and strength of both body and mind. His loyalty to his family was beyond compare.

Samuel Goldstein was a hero right until his last breath - a one-of-a-kind humanitarian. He lived his life following great morals and values. My father made an indelible mark on the hundreds of lives of those with whom he came in contact.

Sammy was the concrete of his family. Both at home with his parents and siblings, as well as the compassionate husband to his adorable wife, Lillian, and patriarch to his four children, my dad was as sharp as a tack.

Samuel enjoyed a beautiful life. He was unbelievably humble and, therefore, relished the simple things in life.

He always remarked his greatest accomplishment on earth occurred on Oct. 12, 1940, when a strong, hard-working, beautiful, intelligent lady, Lillian, became his wife. Together, my folks built an exceptional legacy, a prosperous business and raised very well-educated children.

Sammy’s selfless nature allowed him to help many relatives and friends with numerous projects. He taught his children the power of vegetable gardening and also nurtured an amazing rose garden. For Sammy, no job was too large.

My dad was a man of strong faith and tried to live his life according to God’s plan. My family is quite fortunate to have Samuel and Lillian as role models, although, as you have guessed, I’m their greatest fan. I thank God each and every day that the Goldstein family is blessed with my mother, Lil. She is caring and loving, along with her intelligence and charm. Lillian greatly assists in keeping my father’s memories alive.

Pop had a passion for music and dancing and although this August will be 20 years since his passing, his zest for life and the manner in which he and mom lived their life, fond memories of my father never end.

Sam passed on to his offspring, 12 grandchildren and 14 great grandchildren, a legacy of versatile traits.

In finale, as my mother, Lillian, often states, “When dad and mom became engaged and then wed, they were presented years later with four treasures, Deborah, Daundra, Judith and Rabbi Emmanuel Joseph.” They, the four treasures, have inherited the wisdom, personality, sense of humor, multitasking, and most of all, the bond of eternal love which this beautiful family possesses.

Happy Father’s Day, Dad. I hold the treasured memories close to my heart forever.

Your loving, devoted daughter,

Deborah Miriam Goldstein