Family launches probe into death of West Pittston doctor

June 27th, 2015 1:17 am

First Posted: 6/7/2013

A team of lawyers will investigate the death of 26-year-old Dr. Jennifer Sidari, the family announced Wednesday.

At a press conference Wednesday afternoon in front of the Sidari home on Montgomery Avenue in West Pittston, the family’s attorney, Matt Casey, read a prepared statement about the investigation into Sidari’s death.

“Dr. Jennifer Sidari loved dearly and was loved by the people in the house behind me — more than words can express,” Casey said. “She was a first-born daughter, a big sister, a future wife and mother, a future community and likely national leader. And in her name, those who loved her are determined to figure out why she’s no longer with us. We’re not going to let them down.”

Casey was flanked by Sidari’s father, Peter, and attorney Robert Gillespie.

Casey said there were two reasons for the public announcement: To let people know the Sidari family cannot speak to anyone about the matter in light of the investigation, and secondly, that the probe will “get to the bottom” of what happened to her.

Casey said anyone with information about Sidari’s death “should contact me.” He said no conclusions have been drawn about Sidari’s death or the medical care she received.

Sidari died May 29, 18 days after graduating from The Commonwealth Medical College in Scranton. An autopsy was performed.

“The investigation will be methodical and deliberate,” Casey said. “It will be thorough.”

Peter Sidari did not offer any comments and Casey declined to elaborate on any details of the probe, including whether a trip to Haiti is planned. Sidari had recently returned from Haiti, and her father said his daughter made her mark during the medical-aid trip.

“I’m sure her time in Haiti will be looked at extensively,” Casey said. If the investigation determines there were “deviations from the professional standard of care” in the case, Casey said he will “demand accountability by bringing the full weight and authority of the laws of the Commonwealth of Pennsylvania to bear on these issues.”

Casey assembled a “world-class team” of medical experts to analyze every test and radio-graphic image of Sidari, he said. “We will assess in every respect whether everything that should have been done was done,” he said.