June 27th, 2015 1:17 am

First Posted: 1/27/2013

Angeline Angie Grace Mandicott, God's special angel on Earth, was born and married in Exeter, Pa., lived in Pittston and Reading, Pa., Binghamton, N.Y., Largo, Fla., wintered in Clearwater, Fla., and passed away in Laughlin, Nevada. She was 94.5 and made it into the 4 percent of the population who live to that age! She suffered a stroke with complications, her greatest fear!

She is predeceased by her parents, Joseph and Mary Carabino; and her beloved husband of 72 years, and Pittston native, Dominick Adam Mandicott who in the early 30s owned and operated Mandicott's Shoe Repair on Mill Street in Pittston. She is also predeceased by her sisters, Eleanor Puma and Rose Serino, and her brothers Sgt. Dominick S. Carabino, who died in action in Normandy, France in World War II, and her brother Paul J. Carabino who died on Christmas Eve 2012, nephew Joseph Carabino, and his wife Christine, and tragically her young great nephew Paul Edwards.

She is survived by her devoted daughter and caretaker, Dr. Grace Mandicott-Fountain, and her husband, Dr. Wendell V. Fountain, Laughlin, Nevada, and her loving and cherished son, Dominick M. Mandicott Jr. and his wife Anita G. Mandicott of Tampa, Fla. She was extremely proud of all her family members, their spouses and all their accomplishments.

She is also survived by her brother-in-law and sister-in-law, Mr. Michael Mandicott and his wife Peggy, of Mandicott Trucking, of Pittston, Pa.; nephew Michael Mandicott, Jr. (Mandicott Trucking) and wife Sissy; niece, Michele Pambianco and husband William Pambianco owners of the Pet Zone; niece Alexandria and husband Dick Maniskas; niece Grace Zumwalt and her husband Orlow (Zum); nephew, Dr. Michael Bolognese and his wife Carolyn; and several great nieces and nephews.

She worked very hard for her family, friends, church, community, strangers, and those in need, in the most humble and loving ways, as if her hand was an extension of Jesus. She gave because it made her feel very good and happy. ALWAYS had a BIG smile, and effervescent laughter, which was her trademark. She would laugh, Dad would yell, it was their Italian way, and it was so funny to see, bringing tears and absolute joy!

Her work for God and the family started when she was just a child. As the middle sibling, God blessed her with a rare uplifting and infectious laughter! As a child she had a paper route, helped Gram clean houses, and set hair for the wealthy. She cooked, cleaned, boiled the laundry on the stove, and hung it out to dry after starching it, in the freezing cold for the borders for which they provided lodging and meals. With her wagon, she walked miles to get coal, potatoes & veggies in the fields. As a little girl she took unbelievable risks & showed male-like strength from then until the day she died. She learned to sew, crochet, and was known as the Laundry Lady and Dusting Queen. Other jobs included working in the dress factory, silk mill, cigar factory, cleaning cabooses during the war, and making uniforms for the soldiers.

She did volunteer work for Italian organizations, the Church, and Hospice of Florida. She excelled in fashion design and she and her husband was an elegant couple who loved to work hard and play hard, but were always home every night with the family. When her brother Dominick died in War II, she had promised to take care of her parents if something happened to him, whom she did and for 35 years of her married life she took care of her mother. She and her husband, with two other men, built their house, and she worked like a slave, but it was a labor of love. She laid flagstone, built flagstone walls, dug the garage foundation, painted the house, sanded the oak floors – all this at night after work and on week ends. Dom had his shoemaker shop in the house and worked there after working all day in the shoe factory. We were blessed to have a new house with a big yard where we could play badminton, crochet, and horseshoes.

Honest Angie had to misrepresent her experience and got a job in Sears. She worked for 40 years in every department and was loved by all. She was never late and sick only once. An article was written about her in the Sears Alumni Newsletter 2012 edition. She retired in 1983. Her happiest times in life were spent with the family at holidays, in Pittston, at our house, at Harveys Lake, taking the children camping, and to Atlantic City, and of course living in Laughlin, Nevada, at the end of life. She was the BEST cook, Italian cookie-maker – Christmas cookies was her signature – about 15 different kinds. Her face lit up when she saw people enjoying her culinary works of art!

Some of her famous quotes were: I hear you, Dominick and I'll only be a few minutes in the store. One day she left him on a bench for three hours! I was only shopping, she explained. Oh, I forgot something; have to go back in the house. Dominick, I do know how to play 31. The only thing wrong with you is your BIG mouth! I love this life in Nevada. Wendell, I'm bored, take me to the AVI. Diamond Lil is ready to go. The bus is leaving. They've really tightened these machines, but that's OK I'll get them another way. Wendell, I just got the bonus – what do I do? I'm looking for a rich man. My secret to this long life is that I drink wine, dance, play the slots and lotto, eat lots of garlic, and relax. I do drugs (legal of course). We have to take care of ourselves, and stay out of the hospital. Hey, Dom, Grace has me reading a book a week. HAHAHA. I know you are really not believing that. She gets me humor books and I laugh at night when I can't sleep.

Angie's claim to fame and her legacy was her goodness and unconditional love, always giving and helping anyone in need! Her generosity is second to none, and her many, many, random acts of kindness were saint-like! She gave tips to anyone who gave her service, and she always said, it's only paper, and they need it more than I. We are sure she is looking down totally astonished at the outpouring of sympathy and love by so many family members, friends, neighbors, and acquaintances. Anyone touched even remotely by Angel Angie, has been truly blessed and is a better person for having the privilege of knowing her. Life will not be the same without her, but she is having a big party and celebrating with Daddy and her family and many, many friends who she outlived by many years. As she would say often, Bon appetito and mangia, mangia! Angie, you will be the Head Italian Chef now in heaven.

She will be cremated at her request and her ashes will be kept by Grace. She wanted a party memorial celebration at our house: 1280 Country Club Drive, Desert Springs Fairways, Laughlin, NV 89029-1548 on Feb. 16, 2013 at 3 p.m.. RSVP (702)-535-4985 or 928-542-3760 or wendellfountain@yahoo.com.