Dupont’s 2012 audit discussed at meeting

June 27th, 2015 1:17 am

First Posted: 3/16/2013

At the beginning of Dupont’s regular Council meeting, President of Council Stan Knick introduced Michael Fiorelli, Auditor from Fiorelli & Associates, who gave a lengthy detailed report of the 2012 borough audit.

Fiorelli stated the general fund has improved over the last few years due to the fact that the current Council has identified the refuse and sewer fund were causing a lot of expenditures out of the general fund related to collection of garage and maintenance for sewers.

“So now the borough has allocated payroll from those accounts and matches revenues and expenditures which is important,” explained Mr. Fiorelli.

Council members and borough residents questioned Mr. Fiorelli on a number of items in the report.

Satisfied with the report Council members then passed a motion to adopt the 2012 audit as presented. The detailed audit report is available for review at the borough office during regular business hours.

Council President Stan Knick read his report starting with the announcement that the Greater Pittston Compost Commission meeting is scheduled for April 3rd at 7:00pm in Dupont.

Knick, who serves as President of the Commission, informed residents at the meeting that the Commission is hoping to have the electrical installation at the facility completed by the end of March; the carport is ordered and ready to be install. A new shed is near completion, as well as, the separation bins.

Mr. Knick also made residents aware that there is compost available for pick-up at the site on Garden Drive. You can help yourself or if you need assistance to fill your truck contact the borough office and for a minimal fee of $10 a municipal employee will help load your vehicle.

Knick noted that the Electronic Recycling Program through Luzerne County is scheduled for June 15th at Hanover High School.

Knick discussed with council on whether they will allow residents to drop off accepted electronics items behind the borough building and have Dupont send a truckload down. Knick noted that they will contact the Authority to make sure that they will accept the truck. If the borough plans to do this project they will not pickup curbside.

Residents will be responsible to drop off the items at the designated site. All Council members agreed to it pending approval from Luzerne County. A list of acceptable items is posted on the bulletin board at the municipal office.

The Turnpike Commission sent a letter to Dupont Council offering $500,000 for the elimination of the bridge over Garden Road.

After a brief discussion a motion was made by Councilmen Mark Kowalczyk and second by Councilmen Stan Golembiewski to reject the Turnpike Commissions offer and send a letter with a counter offer of $825,000 for the bridge removal.

The motion was unanimously passed. Stan Knick suggested that if the proposal with the turnpike Commission goes through, he would recommend putting $100,000 into a rainy day fund and the balance toward paving streets.

Borough Manager Patty McDonald reported to Council on the two grant applications submitted for LSA gaming funds noting that the Commonwealth Financing Authority will be reviewing applications as it their March 20th meeting. One application is for street paving of ten streets and the other for completing the interior of the municipal garage on Commerce Rd.

Residents take notice, Dupont Council approve a motion to amend Ordinance 9204 of 1992 setting 24 hour prior to collection for trash to be placed curbside.

Council explained their decision: Many complaints have been received of smells, rodents, trash all over when homeowners place their bags out days ahead of a scheduled pick-up. So, effective immediately, no bags can be placed curbside until 24 hours before a scheduled pickup.

Pina Hansen, who was hired last month as a part time code enforcement officer, noted if complaints come in, she will go out and investigate, then a letter will be sent to the residents advising them of the violation.

Municipal Clerk Mary Susan Ricetti reported on the Regional Study Survey she recently completed.

The survey included several components: Dupont’s physical structure, population, economic data and financial budgetary items which also included police data with reference to crime statistics. Dupont along with six other municipalities will be sending out their completed surveys to the DCED.

Borough Engineer Bob Naegle reported that the water line to the maintenance garage project is on hold pending grant money made available. This set back may delay the opening of the new municipal garage on Commerce Rd. President Knick noted that the dumpter and the packer have been moved from the back of the municipal building to the new garage facility.

Crime Watch President Pina Hansen announced that the March 26th Dupont Crime Watch meeting will be held in Duryea Borough. Judge Fred Pierantoni will be guest speaker and his topic will cover Criminal Law.

The April 30th Crime Watch meeting will feature guest speaker District Attorney Stephanie Salavantis and will be held at the Dupont Municipal building beginning at 6:30pm.

Detective Lynch, who specialize in gangs will join DA Salavantis at this meeting and share his expertise. The regional crime watch meeting is April 10th at the EMA Bldg. in Wilkes Barre and the topic will also cover gang relate issues.

In other Dupont business, volunteers are need for the spring cleanup at the Park on Elm Street. The cleanup is scheduled for Saturday, March 23rd starting at 9 a.m. Mark Kowalczyk will head that project and anyone or organization wishing to help out contact Mark.

The Dupont Lions Annual Easter Egg Hunt is scheduled for Saturday, March 30th at the park beginning at 1:00pm.

The monthly food drive sponsoring by the Dupont Lions will be held at Holy Mother of Sorrows Church on Wyoming Ave from 4 to 5 pm. on Thursday , March 21st.