Brightening up Dupont

June 27th, 2015 1:19 am

First Posted: 9/4/2013

It was a bright idea.

Shaun Omalia, a member of Boy Scout Troop 316, Avoca, was looking for a community project to fulfill one of the many requirements in becoming an Eagle Scout. And the Dupont Lions needed help with refurnishing their Holiday Snowflake lights that run along the main streets.

Omalia came up with a plan to help the Lions out after Dupont Mayor Daniel Lello spoke at a scouts meeting about community leadership.

During a conversation after the meeting with Scout Master Matt Fino, Lello became aware of Shaun’s search for a community project.

Lello, who also serves as President of the Dupont Lions, noted that the club was in need of help with refurnishing their Holiday Snowflakes.

The daunting task included removal and replacement of more than 7,500 LED bulbs and club members were unsure if they would have the holiday lights ready for the upcoming Christmas Season.

Omalia accepted the challenge and on Sunday, September 1, Omalia and 20 other Boy Scouts from Troop 316, along with a number of parents and friends, took over the Dupont Council Chambers and began the tedious job of removing the LED bulbs from each snowflake.

“Through the efforts of Eagle Scout Candidate Shaun Omaila and members of Boy Scout Troop 316 Avoca they made a difficult project easy,” Lello said. “They were a tremendous help to the Lions Club and to Dupont. The Snowflakes will shine brightly this Holiday Season thanks to the help of Shaun Omaila and the Boy Scout Troop 316.”

The scouts set up an assembly line and finished refurbishing 7,500 bulbs from 65 snowflakes and 10 swags in 6 hours. That’s 1,250 bulbs per hour: removed, cleaned, coated and replaced.

Christopher Corey, vice president of the Northeast Chapter of the Pennsylvania Society Sons of the American Revolution and who also serves as the Northeast Chapter Eagle Scout Chairman, briefly interpreted the project to present a surprised Omalia with an award.

Corey honored him with the Good Citizenship Award for demonstrating exceptional leadership qualities and outstanding service to his troop and community.

The Dupont Lions Club greatly appreciate and thank all the members of Boy Scout Troop 316, parents and friends for their tremendous job truly demonstrating the principles of the Scout Oath.

And the entire community will benefit at Christmastime.

“Being a scout has helped me improve and thrive and I wanted to take these qualities I’ve learned and improve where I live,” Omalia said.