Healthy kids are happy kids

June 27th, 2015 1:19 am

First Posted: 4/6/2013

In the era of laptops, iPads and smart phones parents find it difficult to get their kids to be active. That’s one reason that on Saturday, April 27, the Greater Pittston YMCA is celebrating YMCA’s Healthy Kids Day with a free community event to get more families moving, learning and living healthier.

Healthy Kids Day, a national initiative of the Y, takes place at 1,900 Ys across America.

As the story on page 11 today suggests, getting kids to be active may be as simple has handing them a jump rope. It may sound old-fashioned, but jumping rope is fun and it’s great exercise.

Other suggestions are family hikes, walks and bike rides. But Healthy Kids is not all about physical exercise, it’s also about getting kids to eat more fruit and vegetables. And it’s about healthy minds, too. Parents are encouraged to get kids to put down their phones and pick up books. Parents and kids reading a series of books together each evening is another good idea.

Reading and jumping rope? Old-fashioned and simple notions, we suppose, but tradition and simplicity are virtues.

In keeping with the above theme, there’s a new sport keeping Pittston Area girls active this spring — girls lacrosse.

It’s also in keeping with the Y Healthy Kids program, because the parents are heavily involved. As a first year team, the PA lacrosse team is officially a club. The school board came through with some money for the team, but the parents are heavily involved in raising more.

The parents next fund raiser is a “Night Out” on Saturday at the Red Mill Tavern. Get over there and help the team out by taking some chances on raffles or having a drink.

Predictably, as a first year club, playing against established teams the PA girls have been on the losing end of some lopsided scores.

But that has not dimmed their enthusiasm.

We’ve never seen a happier or more excited group of athletes. They are role models for us all as they show us playing sports really doesn’t have to be all about the “Ws” and “Ls”.

If you don’t believe it, go see them play.

They are at Wyoming Seminary tomorrow.

Their next home game is Friday, April 19 at 4:15 at the soccer field behind the primary center on Rock Street.