West Pittston Library announces gifts

June 27th, 2015 1:20 am

First Posted: 2/27/2013

December 2012


Thomas Kearns, Sr.: “Mad Hungry” & “Live by Night,” presented by The Cinram-Olyphant IT Department and “Buddy,” presented by Jackie and Ed Vasquez

Melbourne Stocker: “Black List,” presented by Bob & Karen Kirby and Family

Jeffry F. Mitchell: “Nano,” presented by Dan and Jean Ragantesi

Clayton C. Albrecht: “Threat Vector,” Winter of the World,” Lincoln’s Last Days,” “Abe Lincoln’s Dream,” “The Girl Who Fell Beneath Fairyland,” “The Girl Who Circumnavigated Fairyland,” “The Trial of Fallen Angels,” “The Big Book of Why,” “If I Built a House,” “39 Clues: Trust No One,” presented by The Flaherty Family; “ Help Thanks Wow: The 3 Essential Prayers,” presented by Mr. And Mrs. F. McGraw

Mary Jiunta Supplee: “Love Anthony” and “You are the Love of My Life,” presented by Marrion and Ed Heck, Sr.

Dolores M. LaBrutte: “Goodbye for Now,” presented by Jim, Maureen and Mary Theresa Condusta

Anna Wierbowski: “Magnificence,” presented by Mr. and Mrs. R. Lucarella

Thomas Kearns, Sr.: “A Letter to my Dog,” presented by Marion, Jim, Merritt and Carmen

Richard Alan Mirro: “The Outpost,” presented by Mom, Dad and Jeff Mirro

Regina Battaglino: “Junie B, Turkeys We Have Loved & Eaten,” presented by Stella Martin


In honor of Mary Grico Palmieri, presented by Charles and Sara Rome



Mary Catherine Petroziello: “The Richard Burton Diaries,” presented by Connie Parente and Joe Szewczyk

Richard “Butch” Simonson: “The World Without Yesterday,” presented by Iva Coyle; “Living with Honor,” presented by Valley Lodge #499 – F,A & M – West Pittston

Purchased by Charlotte Thomas for inclusion within the David William Thomas & David William Thomas, Jr. Rock n’ Roll Collection: “Bruce, Mick: The Wild Life & Mad Genius of Jagger,” “Who I Am: A Memoir,” “Sounds Like Team Spirit: Stolen Melodies,” “Ripped-Off Riffs and The Secret History of Rock and Roll,” “Just Kids,” I” Am Ozzy,” “Clapton: The Autobiography,” “Rock & Roll,” “When Giants Walked the Earth: A Biography of Led Zeppelin,” “Lips Unsealed: A Memoir,” “Between a Heart & Rock Place: A Memoir,” “101 Albums that Changed Popular Music Forever,” “The Secret History of Rock n’ Roll,” “Life,” “You Can’t Always Get What You Want: My Life With the Rolling Stones,” “The Grateful Dead and Other Wonder Reprobates” “The Gospel According to Bob Dylan,” “Fab: An Intimate Life of Paul McCartney” and “Red: My Uncensored Life in Rock”



Carmella Parente: “Here I Go Again,” presented by Jasmine Mikita; “Lucky Me,” presented by Joanne Braccini; “A Land More Kind than Home,” presented by Frank and Ann Marie Parenti; “The Death of Bees,” presented by Esther Mirro; “The Pretty Boy,” presented by Bob and Ruth Fino’ “Truth in Advertising,” presented by The Lackawanna Insurance Group; “Astray,” presented by Iva Coyle; “Love Saves the Day,” presented by Debbie Chikowski; “Guilt,” presented by Anne and David Bedwick; “The Layered Garden,” presented by The Friends of the WP Library; “The Last Runaway,” presented by Mr. and Mrs. John Williams; “A Week in Winter,” presented by Donald and Helen Soska; “The Lost Art of Mixing,” presented by Mr. and Mrs. Joseph Agolino; “Wilderness,” presented by Mr. and Mrs. T. Connor; “The Light of Amsterdam,” presented by Mr. and Mrs. Chester Sobuta; “Frances & Bernard,” presented by Joan Linskey; “Life Among Giants,” presented by Michael, Elaine and Tom Pugliese; “Bugs Galore” and “Here Where the Sunbeams are Green,” presented by Wayne M. Scull; “See Now Then,” presented by Rosella Fedor-Purcell; “Where’s You Go Bernadette?” presented by John and Betty Ann Dessoye; “Until the End of Time,” presented by Alberta Phelps; “If I Ran for President,” presented by Mary Ann Roditus and Laura Roditus; “Adventures of Biscuit,” presented by the Woytach Family; “Saturday Night Widows,” presented by Jane Firestine; “Touch & Go,” presented by the Staff of the WP Library; “World’s Best Travel Experiences,” presented by Peter Gillot; “The Map of Lost Memories,” presented by Robert and Elaine Coburn; “The Women from Paris,” presented by Mr. and Mrs. Ross Denisco; “A Fatal Winter,” presented by Mr. and Mrs. Joseph Faust; “All This Talk of Love,” presented by Angela and Rosemary Pello; “The Shortest Way Home,” presented by Carol Hilenski; “The Midwife of Hope River,” presented by Anne Monahan; “Golberg Variations,” presented Linda and Bob Johnson; “The Great Unexpected,” presented Edythe Kepics; “You Are the Love of My Life,” presented by Cindy and Vito Malacarri and Family; “Better than Fiction,” presented by Eleanor Lewis; “She Matters,” presented by Angela Mazzarella; “The Inn at Rose Harbor,” presented by Mr. and Mrs. R. Lucarella; “The Dinner,” presented by Mr. and Mrs. Eugene Manganello; “Habits of the House,” presented by Charlene King; “The Three Day” and “Hit Me,” presented by Barbara Pumplun; “Trust Your Eyes” and “More Than Sorrow,” presented by Theresa and Victor Salidas’ “The Tin Horse” & “Ancient Light,” presented by Lois Ostrowski; “Sweet Talk” & “The Prophet,” presented by Diane Crane Acker; “Frozen Heat,” presented by Craig and Adrienne Searfoss and Matt and Devon Hagy; “Looking for Yesterday,” presented by Elaine and Lee Searfoss; “Parlor Games,” presented by Mr. and Mrs. J. English’ “My Brilliant Friend,” presented by John, Joline, Evan and Katrina Stravinski; “A Medal for Murder,” presented by Anita Prula; “Who was Jackie Robinson?” and “What was the Boston Tea Party?” presented by Carter and Grant Searfoss; “What was the Battle of Gettysburg?” and “Who was Babe Ruth?” presented by Cole and Connor Hagy; “The Good House,” presented by Syl and Mary Kay Myers; “Farewell, Dorothy Parker,” presented by Mr. and Mrs. Filipini; and “Benediction,” presented by Liz, Jody and Marie Marranca


The following people made monetary donations to be used for the Technology Fund in the name of Carmella Parente:

Mr. and Mrs. S. DeSalvo; Cathleen, Kevin and Grace Schmonsees; Isabel and Rene Lucarella; Anne Ferrare; Elaine, William and Cara Bell and Donato Battista; Mr. and Mrs. B. Nicolosi, Jr.; Mr. and Mrs. Ross Bratlee; Charles Parente; PNC Bank/Lisa Slocum; Louis DeNaples; Ruggerio Family; Sandra Williams; Mr. and Mrs. Paul Neff; Leona Castor; Mr. and Mrs. Thomas Rokita; Red Hat Society/Ruby Slippers; Dennis and Carol Noonan; Pagnotti Industries


Leonard C. Insalaco, II: “White Dog Fell from Sky,” presented by Grandmother Carmel Insalaco

Don Moss: “Schroder,” presented by Jim, Marion, Merritt and Carmen; “The Myths of Happiness,” presented by Marie and Jody Marranca; “It’s Not What You’ve Got,” presented by Mr. and Mrs. J. Duffy; “Heavy,” presented by Ron and Madge Rogers; “Painter of Silence,” presented by Mary and Joe Agolino and “The Force of Things,” presented by Bettie Ann Morgan

Daniel Phelps: “ Sutton,” presented by Ann Alaimo; The Marseille Caper,” presented by Mr. and Mrs. W. Pollard; “Team of Rivals,” presented by Mr. an Mrs. L. Pribula; “Engineers of Victory,” presented by the Staff of the WP Library

Annette Fetch: “This is How You Love Her,” presented by Robin Trotta; “The Middlesteins,” presented by Mr. and Mrs. William Yeomans

Kathleen Keder Pitcavage: “When it Happens to You” & “Dear Life,” presented by Diane Crane Acker; “Nightsong,” presented by Mr. and Mrs. Paul Neff

Frances Ostrowski: “Learning to Bake Allergen-Free,” presented by Theresa and Frank Colella

Connie Marshall: “The Casual Vacancy,” presented by Mr. amd Mrs. Patrick Cawley and Family

Tom Ohl, Jr.: “My Brother’s Book,” presented by John and Mary Claire Hetro

Virginia Foglia: “My Lady Pocahontas,” presented by Joe and Joan Verna

Angelo and Grace Guiliano: “The History of Us,” presented by Leonard and Barbara Insalaco

Clayton C. Albrecht: “The Inventor & the Tycoon,” presented by Mrs. Mary Rickenbaker

Antoinette Annette Maria Strucke: “The Best of Youth,” presented by Miss Sandra Cella

Connie Caprari: “The Aviator’s Wife,” presented by Mr. and Mrs. Patrick Sammon and Family

Alfonse Balzano: “A Higher Call,” presented by Stanley and Angela Doblovasky and Family

Grace Judge: “The Storyteller,” presented by the Staff of the WP Library


Katherine Naples: “Love is a Canoe,” presented by Paul, Charlotte and Beatrice Naples

Mary Agolino: “Cover of Snow,” presented by Mr. and Mrs. Raymond Wasko; A Leaf Can Be…” & “ Follow, Follow,” presented by Dorothea and Gill Atherholt and Mary Saraceno Wright; “”Mirror, Mirror,” presented by Mr. and Mrs. Leonard Insalaco

E. Ronald Rogers: “A Wanted Man,” presented by Ron and Madge Rogers

Bridget Giunta Husted’s 30th birthday: “The Autobiography of Us,” presented by Amy Hetro

Mrs.Linda Sharpe: “The Future,” “Midst Toll & Tribulation,” “Lady Almina & The Real Downton Abbey,” “Empire and Honor,” “Summer & Bird,” “Shadow of the Crown,” “The House Girl,” “Above All Things,” presented by Dr. and Mrs. W. Barnes

Major Lee Castana: “ The Smithsonian Military History,” presented by Mary and Drew Smith