1,000 gardeners sought

June 27th, 2015 1:20 am

First Posted: 2/26/2013

Exeter’s Jeremy Connor needs 1,000 people to participate in new venture called One Perfect Harmony. It sounds a lot like Connor is starting a dating website, but not true. Like dating websites, however, where one seeks love and harmony, the harmony Connor is looking for is one with the earth.

Twelve-years ago, Connor took a biology and a physical geology course where he discovered particles come from the stars. A light bulb went on and suddenly evolution made sense. From that day forward, his life changed.

Connor has used those college course lessons to improve his life and, over the last few years, he has gotten into the healthy lifestyle of home gardening. “When my first child was born, I was already turned on to gardening and I knew things weren’t quite right with our food system. But, having a child made me want to seek out the best food for our family,” said Connor, who lives in Exeter with wife, Beth, and daughter, Emmy. Another child is due very soon.

Connor built a greenhouse in his backyard and gathered rain barrels for his new organic garden. “I began to seek out new information about life,” he said. “I learned how to grow from seed and how to preserve food, how to compost with worms and thermally and more passively. I built six raised beds in my yard and a garden in my neighbor’s yard. I planted fruit trees and grape vines.”

Why grow a garden in your yard?

According to the One Perfect Harmony website, a garden in the backyard can increase one’s sense of community. It offers better nutrition. You get exercise. It saves fuel. You get a sense of pride. It expands your knowledge base. It increases family time. And the bottom line: it benefits the environment.

One Perfect Harmony is looking for 1,000 gardens to participate in the program. “We would like to set up composting for all willing participants,” Connor said. “We will need leaders who will assist in coordinating a task force. We want to raise 10,000 seedlings organically, using all natural and organic methods.”

Seedlings will be distributed at the first-ever One Perfect Harmony Wellness Festival which is in the works.

Along with collecting seedlings, organizers hope to also collect 10,000 20 oz. containers, stack logs and set up a database for participant needs. The logs would be put to use for building raised beds.

“Our mission is simple,” said Connor. “It’s to seek out individuals who desire to become more harmonious with the space they occupy and to assist them in that process.”

If you or someone you know would like to participate in this venture or for more information, email 1perfectharmony@gmail or log onto www.oneperfectharmony.com. Facebook users can find the organization at 1PerfectHarmony.