Sciacca authors book on goal-setting

June 27th, 2015 1:22 am

First Posted: 2/17/2013

Biago Bill Sciacca loves his students. So much so that they inspired him to write a book: Goals Book, Embracing Personal Responsibility in An Age of Entitlement released in August of 2012.

My students inspire me, Sciacca, who has a doctorate degree and is a full-time teacher of Micro and Macro Economics, Marketing, Leadership, Strategic Management and Interpersonal Skills in Business at Penn State University's Worthington campus in Dunmore, said. They've helped show me that is not what you get from life what counts, it's what you give.

Sciacca hopes his book will help his students and others set goals in their lives. I'm at the point in my life where I don't want anything else – I want to help young minds, Sciacca said. It's what gives me joy.

Sciacca also believes in following his own advice. He has numerous outlines and goals taped to the front of his desk in his office, and his pocket planner is littered across the page with pencil markings.

I take my goals and continuously refine them so I get to the point where I'm actually moving forward every day, he said.

Sciacca's eventual goal is retirement, but he said this is one of the few goals that he doesn't have a timeline for because he loves teaching so much. I love filling voids. Where knowledge did not exist but now it does exist – I love that.

He said, When I find that my daily activities get in the way of what I want to say, that is when I'll retire.

Sciacca, of Pittston, said his favorite goal is just waking up in the morning in a positive frame of mind: Waking up every morning, happily content with life so far and with a childlike wide-eyed wonder for what the day will bring, he read from one of the many lists taped to his desk. I tell my self it's going to be a great day no matter what.

Sciacca described Goals Book as a unique goal-setting book told in parable format to help with leadership and motivation.

He said he used the unique format because he wanted the content to stick with the reader. Many books on goal setting are ‘fill in the blank', he said, but mine is a novel, with protagonists weaving their way through situations.

Sciacca said this makes Goals Book more easily relatable to readers, and more helpful toward setting goals.

The author is just a few chapters into the second installment Goals Book 2, The Field Book: Putting Goal-setting to Work, and hopes to complete it soon for release.

Goals Book, Embracing Personal Responsibility in An Age of Entitlement is available online and in bookstores.