Pittston City trash bills in the mail; old stickers are good thru May 31

June 27th, 2015 1:23 am

First Posted: 4/25/2013

Pittston City treasurer Kathy Cunard announces that 2013-14 Pittston City trash bills will be mailed the week of April 29 at which time residents may pay and receive new stickers.

The trash bill is due within 30 days of the issue date of the bill which is May 29. Old stickers (beige) can be used through May 31. New stickers (grey) must be used effective June 3.

The refuse year runs from April to April of each year. Residents must choose one of the three options listed for the year. This payment is considered the annual fee and must be paid by each resident.

60 stickers - for residents who put out one bag of garbage per week, $115

120 stickers - for residents who put out two bags of garbage per week, $165.

180 stickers - for residents who put out three bags of garbage per week, $200.

A late fee of $20 will be assessed after July 15.

Residents are asked to consider how many bags they will put out per week before purchasing stickers to avoid running out before April 2014. If a resident runs out of stickers after the initial payment is made, extra stickers may be purchased in the tax office for $2 each with a minimum of 12 stickers for $24. Stickers are not sold at any other location.

If mailing payment, include both sides of the bill and $3.50 for postage and handling. Residents are asked to specify if stickers are to be sent to an address other than the mailing address. Notify the office at 654-1090 if a bill has not been received.