Avoca Crime watch hears dangers of meth labs

June 27th, 2015 1:24 am

First Posted: 3/22/2013

The Avoca Crime Watch hosted State Trooper Marty Connors at their meeting Tuesday. Thirty members heard Connors speak about meth labs and how they harm communities. Avoca Police Chief Dave Homschek read the monthly police report. They responed to 94 calls and made several arrests, four for drugs.

A clean up day in April was discussed. Also, abandoned and run down properties were discussed. Citations for poorly kept properties will be issued.

Jim Brogan gave a report on contributiions received for a new “Welocme to Avoca” sign ordered by the watch. The hand-carved sign will be installed on South Main Street entering Avoca from Dupont.

Contributions are still being accepted for the sign. To donate send a check to Crime Watch, c/o Jim Brogan, 708 Hawthorne, Avoca or call Jim at 457-8446