OF bridge work to take a year

June 27th, 2015 1:25 am

First Posted: 1/27/2013

Motorists headed in or out of Old Forge face a detour as the 72-year-old Main Street Bridge is demolished and replaced.

The work, which is expected to take about a year, will inconvenience cars, but a larger inconvenience is expected for tractor trailers.

The car detour for southbound traffic leaving Old Forge is Main Street to Bridge Street to Lonesome Road back to Main Street, just past the bridge. The northbound detour entering Old Forge will take drivers from Main Street to Lonesome Road to Bridge Street and back on Main.

A traffic light was installed at the intersection of Lonesome and Bridge streets.

For trucks, it's a little more complicated because trucks aren't permitted under the low underpass on Lonesome Road.

The truck detour for southbound traffic is SR 3024 to Bridge Street to Foote Avenue to York Avenue to U.S. Route 11 in Avoca to Main Street near the Moosic Diner. Northbound is the reverse of that.

In addition to the replacement of the state-owned Main Street Bridge, there is also a county bridge closed on SR 3024 in Moosic. The detour for that bridge is:

Car detour for southbound traffic is SR 3024 to Spring Street to US 11 to Main Street – near the Moosic Diner (reverse for northbound).

Truck detour for southbound traffic is SR 3024 to Bridge Street to Foote Avenue to York Avenue to Main Street (US 11) to Main Street – near Moosic Diner (reverse for northbound)

Only two businesses, Heer's Express Mart and the Old Forge Animal Hospital, owned by Dr. Mohamed Gad, are directly affected by the detour.

Alisha Blackwell, a worker at Heer's, said cars have been turning around after passing the detour sign all day.

I guess it's new so they don't know about it yet, she said. But it's been on the news all week.

She said the signs for the detour are directly at the detour and it would be a good idea to warn motorists earlier.

Old Forge Officer in Charge Kim Buggey doesn't expect any major problems because the detour is less than a half-mile.

It's such a small detour, she said. But when you have a roadway that changes direction, there could be problems. We'll keep an eye out.