Wyoming Area Catholic performs Living Stations

June 27th, 2015 1:25 am

First Posted: 3/26/2013

To commemorate the Passion of Jesus Christ, eighth-grade students of Wyoming Area Catholic presented the Living Stations to the school and parish communities. Mr. David Tighe, music teacher at Wyoming Area Catholic, directed the Living Stations. Mrs. Annmarie Walsh is the eighth-grade teacher. Students who performed are, from left, Brenna Satkowski as Veronica; Madelyn Ross as one of the Women of Jerusalem; Madelyn Pavlico as Pilate’s Wife and one of the Women of Jerusalem; Zachary Patterson as the Good Thief; Matthew Loeffler (kneeling) as Joseph of Arimathea; Marissa Moran, Narrator; Cody LaSota as Roman Guard; Marc Phillips as Pontius Pilate and John the Beloved; James Kosik portrayed Jesus; Vanessa Musto(Sitting)as Mary Magdalene; Molly Holmes as Mary, the Mother of Jesus; Justin Bella as Roman Guard Guard; Amy Santayana, Narrator; Timothy Murphy as Bad Thief; Sarah Satkowski, Nicole Cirelli, Rachael Cochran as the Women of Jerusalem; Ryan Potorski,(Kneeling) as Simon of Cyrene and Nicodemus. Absent at the time of the photo were Allison Burge and Steven Ulichney.