Poetic comment on ‘Life in the 50s’

June 27th, 2015 1:26 am

First Posted: 3/20/2013

Sitting by the jukebox on a Saturday night

Girls sweaters fitting oh so tight

Each song, just a nickle a pop

Just listen to each coin drop

Cadillac cars are all the rage

Elvis had a pink one, so did Betty Paige

Hot rods, milk shakes, burgers and fries

Poodle skirts, bobby socks you showed no thighs

Roy Rogers, Sky King, Mighty Mouse and Lassie

American heroes to save the day each one was classy

Cereal commercials each box had a prize

Leather jackets each guy a wise

Marilyn Monroe in Some Like It Hot

James Dean a rebel with a cause not

Fuzzy dice, Frankie and Annette

Dragnet, Shirley Temple, Alfred Hitchcock presents.

Ford made the Edsel, it was a complete disaster

Named after the son, it was soon put out to pasture

Flippin’ baseball cards outside the school

Pompadours and DA’s sure were cool

A fast car made you king of the strip

Mary Jane’s, candy smokes, strawberry licorice whip

Hula Hoop, Betty Boop, ice cream a double scoop

Scary movies like the Day the Earth Stood Still

The drive-in is just a dollar bill

TV dinners, Cherry Coke, chocolate malted

Dinner specials were blue plated

Tarzan, cheetah made great TV

Maureen O’Sullivan was the one for me

So much more things to remember

New school clothes for September

Abbott and Costello, Martin and Lewis

The Three Stooges all are still timeless

It would be nice to stay in the day

But a fiery horse with the speed of light

a cloud of dust, a hearty hi ho silver, away

Joe Ledoretti