Has to be a solution

June 27th, 2015 1:27 am

First Posted: 7/6/2013

The first rule in editorial writing is to pick a side and take a firm stand. “Don’t be wishy-washy,” an editor once said, according to journalism folklore. “There’s no sense in peeing down both legs.”

Well, forgive us, but it seems we might be doing just that today.

We’re talking about the situation in Pittston Township regarding the proposal to turn the vacant former animal hospital on the Pittston Bypass into a veterans’ facility. The Veterans Fund of the United States, located in the nearby Veterans of the Vietnam War headquarters, has proposed putting a cafe and even a Veterans Culinary Institute in the building.

No problem there, Pittston Township supervisors said.

But the vets also talk about housing perhaps 30 veterans at the location — these could be senior citizens or veterans down on their luck — and that’s where the supervisors have drawn a line. The Bypass is not zoned for housing and the supervisors are reluctant to open that door.

A story on page 3 today explains both sides so we won’t go into that here. But we will say that we cannot believe there is no room for a creative solution to this situation.

What the vets propose is hard to put down. What the supervisors are worried about certainly makes sense.

We’d like to see the parties come together and find a way to make this work. If the supervisors’ questions can be answered in a satisfactory manner, the proposal sure seems like a good plan for an empty building.