WAC students “Read the Most From Coast to Coast”

June 27th, 2015 1:28 am

First Posted: 3/12/2013

Wyoming Area Catholic School in Exeter announces the following:

»Stations of the Cross schedule:

March 22 – 1 p.m. – Grade 5

»Dates to remember

March 17, St. Patrick’s Day

March 21, Ident-a-Kid Program 9:15 a.m.

March 21, Final Spring Forensics competition at St. Clare/St. Paul School at 6 p.m.

» Easter basket collection for Friends of the Poor

Student Council will sponsor a collection for Friends of the Poor located in Scranton. We will assemble small Easter Baskets to distribute to children who come to the Friends of the Poor for help. In order to assemble these baskets, we need the your help for donations. The classes have been assigned to the following items:

PreK – K: Coloring books

First grade: Crayons

Second grade: Children’s toothbrushes

Third grade: Small tubes of tooth paste

Fourth grade: Jump ropes

Fifth grade: Sidewalk chalk

Sixth grade: Puzzles, checkers, books

Seventh grade: Marshmallow bunnies or peeps

Eight grade: Chocolate Easter bunnies

»Read the Most From Coast to Coast

Mrs. Theresa Sabetta, librarian, announced that 58 students at Wyoming Area Catholic School engaged in valuable reading practice and took part in setting a new national record in “Read The Most From Coast to Coast” on March 1. These students contributed to a new national record of 4,409,622 Accelerated Reader Quizzes passed in one day. “Read the Most From Coast to Coast” is a national Renaissance Learning event that began last school year and h challenges students to break the record for the number of Accelerated Reader quizzes taken in one day. U.S. Students topped last year’s record of 3,581,992 quizzes.

As part of this event, the web-based program tracked quizzes passed nationwide and shared results in real time with an online quiz counter. “Read the Most From Coast to Coast” enabled students to take part in a shared reading adventure while becoming better readers. Seeing a real-time progress toward the goal was fun for students and they enjoyed being part of a national effort. They were really excited when they topped last year’s quiz-taking record.

All students who participated in this nationwide challenge received a Certificate of Participation and an official bookmark.

Students who participated are

Kindergarten: Abigail Butler, Michael Weiss, Lily Kasa, Katie Morgan, Michael Oncay, Jennifer Passeri, Mark Talarico, Emily Davis and Jacob Ivey.

Grade 2: Kayla Kovaleski

Grade 3: Molly Moran, Carissa Benderavich, Samantha Casey, Joseph Kasisky and Andrew Phillips

Grade 4: Gabrielle Morgan, Molly Blaskiewicz, Shawna Casey, Michael Tkach, Makaylee Crake, Lynzie Skoronski, Matthew Sorick, Ethan Kozden, Walter Smith, Olivia Pavilco, Leana Lombardo, Christopher Hine, Emma Anderson, Sarah Murphy, Vaughn Rudloff and Jacob Van Horn.

Grade 5: Ryan J. Reedy, Carl Yastremski, Ryan Gardjulis, Richard Morris, Kyle Potorski, Camryn Cassetori, Ethan Cegelka and Kristopher Latoski

Grade 6: Emma Ulichney, Rebecca Lalko, Tyler Mozelski, Danielle Morris, Christian Holmes, Alex Van Horn, Bianca Mazzarella, Josh Hartigan, Allyson Laiuvara, Dominic Cirelli, Nicholas Prociak, Dylan Burwell, Mackenzie Crake and Adiya Golden.

Grade 7: Charles Kulick, Molly Poray, Aidan Barney, Emily Kaluzny, John Morris, Isabel Cherry, Dennis Harrison, Stephen Olson, Sarah Miller and Jocelyn Kosik

Grade 8: Rachael Cochran, Nicolle Cirelli and Madelyn Pavlico

» Basketball tournament champions

The weekend of March 2 and 3 was a great weekend for the WACS basketball programs. We won three championships at the end-of-the-year tournaments held by the leagues our teams participated in. Our fifth-grade girls, fifth-grade boys and sixth-grade boys have been proudly wearing their medals.

»March Madness

Wyoming Area Catholic School’s annual “March Madness” Basketball Tournament, sponsored by the Booster Club, will run from March 9 through March 27. Numerous teams from all over Wyoming Valley will participate in this event. Boys and girls in grades 3 through 8 will participate in a half dozen individual brackets.

»Labels and boxtops

Our school is an avid collector of Box Tops for Education. These box tops can be found on tops of many products that we purchase at the grocery store. Please clip them and send them in. You can drop them in a zip lock bag and bring them to the office or send them with your child. This is free money for our school, and all money that we earn for this year will go towards technology needs and school improvement needs. So keep clipping and help our school.