Feeling the Byrne

June 27th, 2015 1:28 am

First Posted: 5/30/2013

Matthew Byrne is no stranger to long-distance running, as he took the overall win in the YMCA’s second annual Susquehanna Stride Half-Marathon on Sunday.

Byrne (pronounced burn) finished with a time of 1:13.28. At the tenth mile, he and fellow runner Jeffrey McCabe were neck and neck. “I was just kinda hanging back and let the race come to me a little bit,” Byrne said. “I attacked the second half a little bit and was able to cap those guys with a couple miles to go.”

As for the females, Deedra Porfirio was the leading lady with a time of 1:32.04.

Although she ran it last year, it was still a tough course. She said that the hills on Parsonage Street were the hardest part, especially doing it a second time toward the end.

This was Porfirio’s fourth half-marathon since March. She came off a co-ed victory with fellow runner Mike McAndrew in the Pocono Run for the Red Marathon Relay on Sunday, May 19.

If the half-marathon was too much for runners, a 5k race was offered as well.

Jake Shoemaker held off Kyle Suponcic for the overall victory in the 5k race. “We pushed each other,” Shoemaker said. “He passed me, I would pass him back.”

Ali Schappert took the overall female victory with a time of 20:15. She is back in full swing with running this year, after giving birth to her daughter last July. “I took a month off,” she said. “Getting back into it was the hardest thing.”

All four winners described the weather as “perfect.” According to Porfirio, last year’s race was “excruciating hot.”

Proceeds from the race went to the YMCA’s youth programs and scholarships for kids.

Top Ten results from the Half-Marathon

1. Matthew Byrne 1:13.28

2. Jeffrey McCabe 1:14.06

3. Justin Clarke 1:14.46

4. Michael McAndrew 1:24.50

5. Pat Leonard 1:30.03

6. Frank Grogan 1:31.57

7. James Dougher 1:32.02

8. Deedra Porfirio (overall female winner) 1:32.04

9. Jim Malee 1:32.41

10. Robert Gronski Jr. 1:33.51

Top Ten Results from the 5k

1. Jake Shoemaker 17:15.20

2. Kyle Suponcic 17:15.41

3. Bill Deemer 20:07

4. Ali Schappert (overall female winner) 20:15

5. Patrick Roman 20:36

6. Chris Brubaker 20:45

7. Shirley Martin 20:58

8. Jill Matthews-Lada 21:03

9. Brian Stubbs 21:09

10. Joshua Kovalski 21:44