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First Posted: 7/22/2013

1955 – 58 YEARS AGO

The flushing of over 200,000 tons of silt in the Hill Section of the city was expected to be completed by November.

Two shifts of workmen flushed silt into the abandoned Checker Vein of No 9 Colliery daily. Trucks making continuous trips to and from a silt bank in Hughestown each carried 14 tons of silt easily gobbled up by large voids under properties under Hunter, Mill, Searle, Church and Carroll Streets. The process was described as this, “Silt is dumped into steel hoppers, then washed down a hole into mine chambers. Flushers use fire hoses in flushing silt underground.

The area mentioned is dotted with shafts drilled to carry the silt water mixture into abandoned mine workings.”

As Little League District 2 play moved into the semi finals, the Pittston team once again found itself facing its nemesis of the past two years, Old Forge. Terrific pitching and “spectacular hitting” were on the side of the “red-hot” Pittston team.

One of the largest crowds in the history of the local league was expected to attend the match-up. Team members were Bernie Richards, Joseph Rinaldi, Frank Pisano, James Kane, Bernie Ford, Carl Tuinylas. Jack Kolmansberger, earl Bechtold, Patty Walker, John Martinelli, Wesley Mugford, Joseph Morgan and George Alaimo. Coaches Jimmy Barrett and Jack Cooper expressed their desire to attend the Williamsport State Playoffs.

1965 – 48 YEARS AGO

Sadie Cosgrove, president of the Pittston Swimming Pool Association, decided that the pool needed a few improvements to add to the comfort of summertime guests. So she donated tables and benches for food concession customers to sit while enjoying their purchases. Milazzo Hardware of Pittston donated umbrellas for the eating area.

As many Greater Pittston playgrounds were in full swing providing activities for area boys and girls, one of the most popular events was the annual doll contest. Girls entered their favorite doll ranging from nuns to brides and cute babies to fashion dolls.

In 1965 the Yatesville doll contest winners were Joan Lewis, Theresa Ciarmatori, Ann Heffron, Rose Marie Semenza, Ruth Lombardo, Camille Musto, Cathy Ann Steinhauer, Mary Guilia, Betty Sarf, Kim Garetski, Donna Bell, Vin Cresho, Antoinette Zambetti, Leah Hurtt, Margaret Burkek Trudy Burke, Georgia Damiani, Ann Guasto Marian Verdine, Rose Guasto, Helen Ann Verdine and Ann Marie Delucca. Winners at the Jefferson Park Playground were Maureen Biscotti, Joy Jakuboski, Donna Montagna, Michele Romaine, Sandra Hoover, Mary Beth Williams, Ruth Ann Cardascia, Jane Conti and Yolanda Azarovich.

Seventy boys signed up for the newly-initiated basketball league at Pittston City Playground established by Ralph Toole, program director. Offered along with the softball program, many young boys enjoyed competitive basketball games throughout the summer. Girls were busy with arts and crafts, but were showing increasing interest in physical fitness and games.

Former borough councilman George Messick held the position of attendance officer in the Pittston High School. His duties were to complete a survey every three years of the number of children who would attend borough schools and to investigate boys and girls who missed school, citing ones who were truant. In addition, Messick helped the school nurse in emergency situations and kept order in “school corridors.”

1975 – 38 YEARS AGO

With 96 girls forming seven teams, the newly-formed Exeter Girls Softball league enjoyed a successful year. First-year players of three of the teams were Gloria Castellani, Beverly Chonka, Dottie Stusavage, Allison Ferrara, Julie Fumanti, Judy Smith, Kim Martini, Sally Ann Lukesh, Sandy Farrell, Lisa Yucknis, Lisa Castellani, Marion Yudicki and Ann Holland of the Exeter Lions. Carol Charney, Denise Martini, Judy Yorio, Karen Serino, Sherry Howe, Marie Cruise, Anita Ninassi, Michelle Ondushko, Ann Grochal, Barbara Maryovich, Camille Gadello and Kathy Urban of Gene’s BP. Patty Kuloszewski, Lisa Kovalcin, Lisa Shannon, Rose Gavigan, Joni Janoski, Debbie Jamrowski, Beth DeNardi, Louise Medvec, Debbie Forsey, Lisa DeOrio, Ann Marie Koluszewski and Melissa Geib of Exeter Packing.

1985 – 28 YEARS AGO

A $4.74 million mine flushing project in the Butler and Mill Hill sections of Pittston was nearing completion. Working double shifts, GE Ray, a West Virginia-based company, “pumped refuse” from the Number Nine Breaker culm bank in Hughestown through a network of pipes to a 115-acre section of central Pittston. The intention of the project was to stabilize the surface and prevent mine subsidence in the region. Grants from the Office of Surface Mining, Appalachian Regional Commission and Pennsylvania Scarlift Act Grant subsidized the cost of the project.

Brdaric Excavating had help from Mother Nature on a demolition project. Before razing the old Liberty Theater on Wyoming Avenue in Exeter, heavy rains caused the roof to collapse, spreading debris over the sidewalk and street below.

Borough officials expected the work to be completed by week’s end.

“The most valuable of all talents is that of never using two words when one will do.”

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