New Wyoming business, museum is oddly different

June 27th, 2015 1:28 am

First Posted: 3/22/2013

A new business in Wyoming is the first of its kind in the Greater Pittston area. It’s Obsidian, part shop and part mini-museum dedicated to oddities.

Proprietor Austina Obscure said the business in a tiny storefront at 322 Wyoming Avenue, Wyoming is a spin off from Holier Than Thou Tattoo, her established business next door.

“Some of our tattoo customers are into the Walking Dead now and they like that TV show about ghost hunting and wondered where they could get a ghost hunting kit and I thought, hmm, maybe I could do something with this.”

Obscure just turned the “open” light on this week for a soft opening and she hasn’t stocked ghost hunting kits yet, but she does have oddities from the realms of the occult, zombies, the paranormal and black art such as vampire blood incense, zombie t-shirts and knives, a zombie apocalypse survival kit and a vintage post mortem photograph.

Eventually she hopes to stock appropriately-themed art and jewelry, host book signings and expand into physic readings. Dawn Smurl, of the West Pittston ghost family, maybe one of the readers.

Obscure said the concept of the shop, while still evolving, is loosely based on the late ’80s TV show Friday the 13th about an antique shop that sold cursed items and also the Discovery Channel show Oddities about a real East Village Antique store that specializes in such things as shrunken heads, mummified body parts or serial killer memorabilia.

Obsura, a professional body artist, said she hopes to have collectors display their oddities on a rotating basis. A collector herself of skulls and “weird, creepy taxidermy stuff,” she knows people who collect such things as a decorative items from the Amityville House, a lock of Charlie Manson’s hair and human brains in a jar.

Obsidian — which is named for a dark natural glass, that is associated with the occult and dark arts — doesn’t have set hours just yet. It is usually open when Holier Than Thou is open.

Learn more at or call 313-2660.