Man, machine working side by side

June 27th, 2015 1:28 am

First Posted: 4/18/2013

Robots in Duryea?

The machines took over the facility in Duryea last week at Keystone Automation and Jam Works Robotic Solutions.

Members of the community were invited see state of the art machines during a two-day open house held by Keystone Automation and Jam Works Robotic Solutions. The two companies are partnered to combine their resources, which includes design, manufacturing and operation of custom robots to assist corporations all over the U.S.

“People in this area don’t even know about our robots,” engineer and owner of Jam Works John Mele said. “We’re letting them get to know us and our machines.” Throughout the two days people were allowed to interact with custom robots and attend presentations by specialists and different partners. “Our ‘bots do jobs that people can’t do,” Mele said, “jobs that are otherwise very dangerous.”

According to Mele, the robots minimize injuries and mistakes while increasing quality. “With robots, there are no mistakes,” he said, “and we’re doing this [the open house] to tell people about all this great information.”

President of Keystone Automations Mark McKinnie said they also hope the open house will alert new and upcoming engineers to the benefits of robotics. “We are constantly trying to get more young people involved,” McKinnie said, “the jobs in manufacturing are skyrocketing right now.”

Mele agreed with his partner. “We want to help bring those jobs back to this area,” he said. “We want to give it a place on the map with competitive machinery.” The open house, aptly titled “Bots and BBQ,” allowed attendees to win prizes, socialize with others over refreshments and even offered attendees fresh roasted pig on both days.

“We hope this [the open houses] to let everyone know we’re here,” Keystone’s McKinnie said, “so far, so good!”