Kindergarten class sends get-well cards to Boston bombing victim

June 27th, 2015 1:32 am

First Posted: 5/2/2013

As the world follows the stories of the Boston Marathon bombing, Emily Sworen at the Ben Franklin Kindergarten Center was struck by one story in particular about a girl named Jane Richard. Jane lost her brother and one of her legs in the bombing.

After hearing this, Emily asked her mom and dad if they thought it would be nice to have her Kindergarten class make Jane cards and send her some well wishes. Her parents as well as her teacher, Mrs. Teresa Luvender, thought this was a great idea.

The students in Mrs. Luvender’s class made homemade cards with messages, introducing themselves and wishing Jane a speedy recovery. Mrs. Sworen kindly volunteered to mail the cards and they are on their way to Jane.