Students celebrate President’s Day

June 27th, 2015 1:33 am

First Posted: 3/6/2013

Students in Mrs. Karen Brombacher’s class at the Pittston Area Kindergarten Center learned a lot about presidents in preparation for celebrating President’s Day.

In a two-week theme, the students learned about George Washington and Abraham Lincoln.

They began by completing KWL charts for both presidents. A KWL chart is a way for students to organize their thoughts and learning process. They began by identifying what they Know (K), what they Want to know (W) and what they Learned (L).

They also listened to biography books about both presidents and participated in reciting poems. Mrs. Brombacher taught the students about portraits and provided them with portrait puzzles for each president which they completed as a class.

After the students learned about each president, they compared and contrasted them by using a Venn diagram on the Smart Board.

To conclude this theme, Mrs. Brombacher used her Smart Board and took the students on a virtual museum tour about Washington and Lincoln. They saw pictures of where the presidents grew up and wives and children of each.

As a follow-up activity, the students completed a silhouette craft of the presidents.