Students learn about Eskimos, make igloos

June 27th, 2015 1:33 am

First Posted: 1/20/2013

Take a peek into Mrs. Antal's Room 104 at the Kindergarten Center. Her students are currently working on a 4-5 week theme about Eskimos. So far, they have already learned about where they live, animals that live near them and clothes they wear, such as parkas and Muk Luks. The students also learned about the word cooperation and what it means to have to work together to successfully complete something. On this day, the students worked together to build their own miniature igloos. Each cooperative group received a Styrofoam mold of an igloo, a plate of icing, a plastic utensil for spreading and mini marshmallows. The groups had to then take turns spreading icing over the mold. After that, they stuck mini marshmallows all around it starting from the bottom and working their way to the top until the whole mold was covered. The students worked well together in completing their igloos and they turned out beautiful. To conclude this theme in two weeks, the students will have Eskimo Day in their room where they will dress in their own version of parkas and Muk Luks. They will also make homemade ice cream where they will have to use their mathematical skills of measuring and scientific skills of observing a liquid turning to a solid. Pictured are the students of Mrs. Antal's class holding their homemade igloos on Hat Day. From left, first row, are Ashlyn Loyak, Aiden Lynn, Sophia Montagna, Jaden Brombacher, Ella Swan, Matthew Walter, John Kasprzyk and Gianna Ianniccar. Second row, Susanna O'Brien, Paul Jordan McGarry, Daniella Ranielli, Maia Costagaliola, Allie Lazar, Alexis Wruble, Chase Montigney, Kelsey Baiera, Julia Homschek. Third row, Kassandra Kobi, Gabriella Gorzkowski, Jimmy Noone, Alex Musto, Kylie Montgney, Abigail Sciandra, Mason Maslousky, Jaylan Moore, Brian Partash, Mrs. Antal and Mrs Nocito. Absent at the time of the photo were Nicolas Cianfichi and Nicholas Cook.