A mom’s love, times seven

June 27th, 2015 1:33 am

First Posted: 5/11/2013

The best part of Pittston resident’s Debbie Senese’s Mother’s Day won’t come wrapped in a bow or have a high dollar amount attached to it. The best part of her day will be the opportunity of being surrounded by her seven children.

Debbie, the former Debbie Gadomski, said early on in her 36-year marriage, she realized her legacy would not be her career or her financial status, but in being a good mother to her children.

“Deb has always viewed the success of our children in their true character and their willingness to help others,” said husband Glenn. “We want them to choose a career they love and seek to do their best.”

Both Glenn and Debbie, who live in a six-bedroom house on Antrim Road, said living in Pittston has been a very special and positive experience for their family.

“We’ve lived her our entire married life,” said Glenn. “It is a place where neighbors are not hesitant to help each other.”

All seven children of the Senese family, who range in age from 11 to 28, still live at home. All have positive things to say about their experience in a large family.

Erin, an 8th grade student at Holy Rosary School, said she often relies upon her older brothers and sisters for homework help. She said she especially enjoys gathering with her sisters for movie night or for a shopping trip.

Lauren, a 10th grade student at Pittston Area, has a multitude of interests, including dance and gymnastics. But this time of the year finds her most often at the track practicing pole vaulting.

“I’ve been trying to learn some new techniques and get better at it,” said Lauren.

Shawn, a junior accounting major at Kings, said his parents often offer him good advice, but then allow him to make his own decisions. “My dad did talk to me about what I might major, and then I chose accounting,” he said.

All of the Senese children have a balance of academic and extracurruclar pursuits.

“For example,” said Glenn, smiling, “my wife made sure all the children could swim and the boys are all life guards.”

Throughout the lives of all her children, Debbie was quick to support their efforts in a variety of areas. She said she spent a lot of time in the car just getting them where they needed to go.

Deb, a medical technologist, loves her part-time job, but admits her children are never far from her mind.

“I feel that having a parent at home gives children a sense of stability and consistency,” she said. “But, when we are not here, the kids are pretty good about cooking for themselves.”

Debbie’s cooking skills are highly valued by her family, as echoed in her son Michael’s good word for her mac and cheese.

“Nobody can make mac and cheese like my mom,” said Michael, 18, “the perfect recipe, the perfect mom.”

The Seneses are also united by their faith. All attend church at Our Lady of Mount Carmel on a regular basis making Sunday a special day.

When asked about their vision for the future, both Glenn and Debbie said they simply want to move forward “doing what they have always done in a spirit of love.”

It seems to be working.