WA students aid pixel-powered superstars

June 27th, 2015 1:34 am

First Posted: 6/5/2013

More than 150 high school students helped pixel-powered superstars as part of The University of Scranton’s 10th Annual Kane Competition for physics and engineering.

This year’s challenges included “Angry Birds Projectiles” for which students had to calculate using a large catapult to launch fruit to destroy a castle used by the green pig antagonists, complete with high school teachers participating – in costume – as angry birds. Other challenges included “Mario Balancing Act” through which students helped Mario balance two planks connected by a pulley in order to defeat Donkey Kong and save the princess, and the “Legend of Zelda Ocarina Sound Event” through which students resonated air tubes to help play the “Song of Time” to save Princess Zelda from Ganon.Winners:

North Pocono High School Team 1 came in first place in the team competition with members Spencer Williams, John Docalovich, Emily Donahue, Joey Stalker, Dave Yatsonsky and Tristan Flood and advisors John Croom and Nicole Furman.

Delaware Valley High School came in second place with members Annmarie Mullen, Luke Riexinger, Ramonda Giddings, Anthony Hantwerter, Richard Selneck, Mario Marruguin Vega and Tyler Mutzek and advisor Steven Rhule.

Wyoming Area High School Team 3 came in third place with members Carmen Mauriello, Billy Romanowski, Valerie Bott, Jared Saporito, Dylan Pegg, Zak Lanunziata and Zach Mulhern and advisor Dave Pizano.For the individual competition, Luke Riexinger of Delaware Valley High School came in first place; Anthony Huntwerter of Delaware Valley High School came in second place; and Spencer Williams of North Pocono High School came in third place.