Exeter man home after deployment in Kuwait

June 27th, 2015 1:35 am

First Posted: 7/19/2013

It’s been a long nine-months, but the wait is finally over. Tami Cannell has her husband Raymond home and this time it’s for good.

Raymond Cannell, a Navy veteran and currently serving in the Pennsylvania National Guard, 109th Infantry Company A, 2nd Battalion, Wilkes-Barre, has done three-tours of duty overseas in the past 10 years. He returned home Friday from his latest deployment in Kuwait and promises his wife, Tami, this was his last.

Cannell is no stranger to being called to duty overseas. While serving in the Navy, he was deployed to the Mediterranean Sea on several tours. Previously for the National Guard, he served in Egypt, Iraq, and now Kuwait. On his final tour, he was assigned to help close a base.

He spent 23-hours traveling from Kuwait to reach the comforts of his home and especially home-cooked meals.

“This is my last tour, I’m retiring in two-years (from the National Guard) and I won’t see any more deployments,” Cannell said. “It feels so good to be home and it’s nice not be surrounded by sand and 112 degree heat.”

Tami and Raymond met while Tami was living in Florida. Raymond is a Denver, Colorado native.

“I brought him here,” Tami giggled.

Tami is a native of Greater Pittston. She was educated in the Wyoming Area school system. Her family relocated to Laceyville for her senior year. “I’ll always consider myself a Warrior,” said Tami.

The Cannells reside in Exeter and have three children: Nicholas, 15, Noah, 14, Breanna, 14.

Cannell will head back to work for Comcast in Duryea for August 1.