274 area residents pick Niners to win

June 27th, 2015 1:36 am

First Posted: 2/3/2013

Elaine Kay 24-10 - Either 7 or 11, we're going to feel like we're in Heaven.

Kristen Favata 35-21 Because I hate Ray Lewis!

Jim Branas 21-17 The crab cakes are awesome

Timothy Lello 30-27 First Super Bowl to go into OT

Eileen Dewey 31-17 My Giants aren't in so let's go NFC

Greg Dewey 33-17 Gotta go with the wife's winning pick

D.A. Browdie 27-21 My brother-in-law is never wrong and says S.F. without question

Amy Swartz 35- 31 Gotta love a man with tats

Ella Campenni 35 - 10 Papa doesn't like the Ravens

Samara Campenni 28-20 – Papa detests the Ravens

Chrissy Campenni 21-7 I love Joe Montana

Tommy Campenni 27-23 Cowboy's turn next year

Lucia Campenni 14-7 Five Campennis can't be wrong

Dylan Klush 30-10 They're gonna Klush ‘em

Stephanie Klush 38 17 Baltimore Ravens Nevermore

Casey Noone 23-21 Fear the Daddy Long Legs

Pat Favata 49ers 26-22 Close one!

Bernice Curio 28-21 Wish it was Pittsburgh

Ed Carlin Sr. 31-21 9ers will strike Super again

Rose Carlin 34-15 For my son

Ed Carlin Jr. 31-17 Catch'in no Flacco over Kapernick

Wendy Carlin 28-14 Ed said it all

Stanley Knick Jr. 26-21 Rooting for the Father-in-law's team

Maureen Knick 27-17 For my Dad in heaven

Albert Mihalka 39-24 6-0 Super Bowl record

Pat Szumski 27-24 No Giants. Have to go with SF for Jen Donahue

Rich Nesgoda 28-3 Ray Lewis should retire

Rich Kuchinski Jr. 28-0 If you're going to San Francisco…

Lynn Healey 35-14 Wear some flowers in your hair

Walter Meskey 33-19 Who cares?

Joyce Rolls 17-14 It will be low scoring

Alice Brady 28-14 Really wanted Giants to repeat

Lori Gemzik 24-17 Maybe Eagles next year

Patti Carlin-Martini 33-6 My Bro's favorite team

Louis Martini 37-9 One brother has to lose

Fuzzy Tetlak 27-21 Party at the VFW

Joel Tomaszewski 34-21 49ers go 6-0 in Super Bowls

Gary Kaspriskie 24-17 QB will be the difference

Dennis Kuchinski 35-7 Really wanted the Packers

Mary Patzuk 30-20 Better quarterback

Gary Carwardine 35-21 Down with Lewis

Joe O'Hara 42-17 Love those streetcars

Dennis Palladino 35-31 The 49ers were miners and miners are tough

Stacey Wesolowski 24-14 I left my heart there

Bob Lopata 26-23 Eagles' Akers wins it

Jim Lopata 31-21 NFC all the way

Robbie Lopata 31-21 No contest

Jeff Lopata 27-17 Lopatas go 4-for-4

Doris Goula 31-27 Gold is better

John Brogna 28-17 Super Bowl champs 6 times

Ed Zielinski Sr. 31-21 Whiners can't beat the 49ers

Rocco Grande 5 is a charm, now a general alarm, 52 Lewis, 27 Rice, 20 Reed

Cathy Powell 24-19 Still mad about the 1906 earthquake

John Kelmer 21-14 How about the '89 earthquake?

John A. Novak 27-21 Frank Gore in for the score

Lisa Michele Pisano 28-17 So my fav will be happy

Michael Struckus 26-22 One for the thumb Steelers' fans

Joseph Struckus 58-0 Because my little brother Mike is the best

Danny Walutes 28- 14 This one is for Mike

Erik Smith 49-16 Flacco is going to get Sack-oed!

Kenny Schultz 34-21 They're baaack!

Sue Schultz 35-14 It's been way too long!

Jacob Schultz 24-17 Next year 49ers vs Steelers!

Sarah Schultz 42-14 Whatever

Stephanie Schultz 49-0 Go Beyonce!

Chuck Shannon 31-21 If I knew I'd be rich

Robbie Belza 48-7 I never lose

Mike Fanti 28-14 Coach Marranca says so

Moochie Marianacci 28-20 Move over Pittsburgh

John Haydock 35-21 Best cheerleaders

Mario Belza 34 -14 I have a feeling

Sal Bernal 27-23 49ers 5-for-5 in SBs

Steve Furmanski 24-13 A song about cannibalism would be cool

Jerry Charney 27-21 Too much D

Joe Montgomery Ward 28-14 They got some hills out there

Bernie Stelacone 27 28 Rice-a-Roni

Pat Norwood 31-17 The San Francisco Treat

Joe Perlock 33-21 Send Ray Lewis out

Wayde Post 24-17 Bowman the only Penn Stater in the game

Jim Ruby 31-28 No more Lewis

Ed Ameika 35-10 49ers defense feasts on Flacco's mistakes

Kathy Ameika 24-21 What he said

Matt Suchocki 36-9 49ers rock

Jeannie Suchocki 21-12 Ray Lewis is a convict

Phillip Patterson 28-17 Same as Jeannie

Sam Areanella 37-19 Don't like Lewis

Jim Albrecht 31-20 Lewis who?

Al Susek 21-14 Lewis is a killer

Joel Sicherman 27-10 Who am I to buck a trend?

Tom Sajic 24-21 Willis all day

Brian Gromel 21-10 She is not Ray Lewis

Gina Klepadlo 27-21 I'd rather see Tim Tebow

T. J. Ferritti 28-24 I'm single and looking

Gary Richards 28-24 49ers Baby

Joe Francoeur 38-21, Go Niners

Kevin Thornton 31-20 Ray Lewis fails in last stab at the ring

Brian Thornton 24-20 The murdering linebacker gets his clock cleaned

Bob Chairge 25-22 Need this to win

Barb Sherinsky 36-28 Go 49ers

Harry Green 31-27 A miner 49er and his daughter Clementine

Mike Brogan 34-16 Don't quote the Raven

Bob Messina 28-21 Go Steelers

Pat Messina Jr. 25-14 Watching the commercials

Nick Krifka 28-14 City by the Bay

Patrick Burns 24-20 Thank God for #7

Dave Jackson 14-10 Go Phillies

Paul Jancoska 28-24 Junior Harbaugh all the way

Jerry Armitage 27-17 Ray who?

Steve Hoover 6-3 Good defense

Michele Grossi 28-17 Go Niners

Dave Skrocki 28-24 Just because

Erica Gillespie Bartoli 14-7 California dreaming, something to be said for natural vitamin D

Kevin Lescavage 24-17 Try to shake hands after the game

Dan Castner 17-14 Hope the Ravens win

Kyle Castner 21-14 The Moose has spoken

Greg Hall 24-13 Super Bowl? I'm still waiting for ND to show up for BCS game

Bill Goldsworthy 27-17 Sorry Ray better play one more year

Jannet Goldsworthy 24-14 I like the quarterbacks moves

Frank Poder 31-13 Ray Lewis sees deer in headlights...

Diane Poder 20-14 I prefer to watch the puppy bowl, not these dogs.

Phil Gianfarcaro 24-10 They're gonna clip ‘em

Cody Poder 49ers 27-24 akers field goal in OT

Bob Ryzner 30-17 Cowboys forever

Chester Montante 30-28 I predudice, I have two kids in California

Mike Madry 21-17 Deer antler spray can only take you so far.

Kris Olshefski 24-21 Pizza is perfect with the Super Bowl.

Jennifer Holbrook 31-29 Okay, pay attention. My birthday was Jan. 29 and I turned 31. There's your score

Marcella Kester 17-14 somebody told me it will be a low scoring game.

Brittany Young 21-14 My mom likes the 49ers. Besides, Steve Young is my cousin. (I made that last part up.)

Shane Conway 31-27 It shoulda been Green Bay

John O'Byrne 27-24 Kaepernick is on his game

Albert Fereck 49-21 49 as in 49ers, get it?

Kathrine Beaver 36-32 A team can win by four can't they?

Brad Artley 28-16 I hope they have gumbo at the party

Derek Bohn 27-23 Divine revelation

Lauren Wackley 35-27 Defense

Ron Reino 24-14 Taking the under

Rasha Shaker 25-20 What do I know?

Nick Harvey 28-20 It's all about the Kap

Kayla Bucci 21-16 Nicer uniforms

David Olah 31-29 Colin Kaepernick And I spelled it right

Val Bendas 24-20 IDKMYBFFJILL

Cindy Ferraz 25-17 I got a feeling

Jane Kavulich 38-18 Cuter quarterback

Anna Mae Olivo 27-24

George Seifert is related to me. I'm not kidding

Tommy Coulter 21-14 1849 was a great year

Lauren MacVicar 28-21 San Francisco is a way cooler city

Peter Bracero 27-13 K

Meghan Martin 20-7 I make jewelry. Call me at 709-9037. Oh, there's a game?

Kate Buttino 23-16 When I was a kid I loved the 49ers

Valerie Piccola 28-12 Ravens get just field goals

Cody Bannon 31-24 I'm a Steelers fan, I have to hate the Ravens

Chris Peterson 27-13 Better offense

Dylan Smith 31-17 The answer, my friend, is blowin' in the wind

Jumanah Abdurruzzaq 49-7 Just a guess

Ian Hornick 27-21 Came to me in a dream

Kayle Chesek 37-30 Hope I can stay awake

Gavin Carolan 37-14 A guess

Adam Viercinski 30-24 Did you say Beyonce at halftime?

Randy Bonilla 41-22 Things are different indoors

Matt Dellario 17-10 Low scoring game

Kurt Manganella 28-14 I hate Ray Lewis

Angela Stavitzski 30-20 I don't know

John Disanferdinand 31-17 Niners grab Ravnes by the Antlers

Andrea Disanferdinand 24-20 Randy finally gets his ring

Lindo Sabatini 22-20 Because the Giants aren't there

Lenny Bruceman 35-14 I hope my Niners break Ray Lewis

Gene Ellsworth 20-10 Ray Lewis doesn't have a prayer

Josh Colarusso 3-0 Colin Kaepernick has a nice smile

Matt O'Donovan 28-17 Never trust a man with two first names

Victor Gulliano 24-17 Too fast for Lewis

Joe Gorman 20-17 My oldest said so

John Hennigan 24-21 Colin is on a run

Jack Ferrett 48-24 Gold rush 2013

Carmen DeOrio 38-28 If that don't were homeless

Dave Roglich 42-26 Unless there's a hurricane or something

Danny Irvin 31-23 Gonna be Gore-y, you guys

Lennie Blandina 31-21 Wish it was the Packers

Andy Ashby 28-24 They're fast. Speed kills

Dan Irvin 26-22 K-A-E-P scratch fever!

Luke Davenport 32-26 Akers is A-OK

Anthony Barge 24-17 Don't let the fear of striking out keep you from playing the game

Nathan Israel 30-26 I'm really good with muni-derivatives.

Rachel Fox 24-21 Getting foxy tonight!

Jeff Ankner 35-28 Remember Joe Montana

Nelson Colon 28-24 This is my team. The only question is do I wear my Montana jersey or my Kaepernick jersey.

Trajan Horn 28-16 Just do it

Jake Waxmonsky 35-21 Fill in the blank the Ravens

Travis Antoniello 23-21 It'll be close

Laith Mubayed 20-10 You'll see

John Muscovitch 27-17 The 49ers will shut out the Ravens in the second half.

Carl Smith 41-34 Just a gut feeling

Michael Smith 26-17 Because daddy wants them to win

Matt Brunn 34-17 Alex smith will save the game

Amanda Paci 26-20 Sounds like a good idea to me

Ray Donnora 31-17 I'm tired of looking at Ray Lewis's face on every TV channel

Martin Yany 35-10 Contenders vs. Pretenders. Not even close.

Jason Rucco 24-21 Jerry Rice with the winning catch. Wait! What? Jerry Rice!?!

Barry Miller 30-20 NFC wins again.

Thomas Sromovsky 33-14 Niners will stomp all over Ray Lewis and company.

Danny Nemitz 34-20 Papa's team.

Bob Devlin Sr 24-21 Kaepernick caper

Diane Devlin 35-28 A piece of history

Pete Devlin Jr . 7-3 Lowest score ever

Jade Cotter 35-27 Anybody but Ray Lewis

Bob Devlin Jr . 28-24 Will join Young and Montana

Ann Morreale 14-10 Remember Karl Malden?

Jennifer McNulty 21-14 Yeah, the Streets of San Francisco

Brian Carey 27-13 Kap runs wild

Fran Falvo 24-21 Ever been to Haight-Ashbury?

Dave Jiunta 27-21 Despite Randy Moss's big mouth

Greg Russick 11-8 49ers are to football what I am to the violin

Bruce Knick 31-28 Field goal in the Knick of time

Annarose Salvo 28-14 This one's for Bobby

Jay Salvo 26-20 Pass the dip

Joe Salvo 29-18 Man, these wings are nuclear

Rocky DeAngelo 30-27 Vernon Davis catches six

Matt Shatrowskas 24-17 Don't overlook LaMicheal James

Arlene Shatrowskas 21-14 Bowman is Penn Stater

Tony Shatrowskas 21-14 Micheal Crabtree has limbs

Stacy Spigarelli 20-17 Akers at the gun

Ann Marie Paddock 19-10 Good a guess as any

Len Benfante 27-20 I wish could clone Brandon Matthews

Lexi Coolbaugh 14-10 Is it softball season yet?

A Shission 21-5 Yeah but could they beat WA?

Nicholas Shawn O'Brien 24-21 Beware of the read option

Stephen Barush 31-27 Kap 3 TDs, Lewis 17 tackles, Flacco pick with 10 secs. left

Vito Quaglia 28-14 Hey, cut that out!

Cody Craig 31-14 Lewis, Smhuis. What about Willis?

Tyler Egan 28-21 Frank Gore will roar

Kim Marchesini 28-12 Wow, chicken wing meat on pizza

Bob Kroptavitch 31-20 Town Tavern wings rock

Dave Graff 21-14 Ravens got the spread

Jim Coyne 28-16 On the advice of my lawyer no comment

Mike George 38-17 It's not the Packers

John Rowlands 31-13 From the best man in Duryea

Joe Healey Sr. 21-13 I prefer hockey

Jim Schappert 28-21 Steeler fan, can't root for Ravens

Jim Nardone 35-28 See if I ain't right

Jason Jordan 28-21 Go Cowboys!

Bob Guerin 27-24 49ers offense too strong

Al Kern 30-14 The punter is from Pitt

Kenneth Burke 24-10 Kap throw darts

Rocky Vieira 37-34 Akers comes through

Lisa Wesolowski 27-10 Just guessing

Jarred Bakchune 34-21Gore MVP

Red O'Brien 17-14 Go Lynn Snow

Pat O'Boyle 31-27 No comment

Ed Booth 24-21 West Coast rules

Migs McLaughlin 38-24 Spring training

Eric Budzilek 34-17 Ray Lewis is an upstanding gentleman

Mickey McLaughlin 35-10 If they stay out of the French Quarter

Susan Donahue 38-23 I never listen to Joe

Ed Philbin 14-6 Because Migsy said so

Mikey McLaughlin 28-13 Rooting for Shane's team

John Skip McGlynn 35-26 Next year Denver

John Jump McGlynn 31-23 Baseball soon

John Hoppy McGlynn 30-20 No extracurriculars on the field

Lisa Sovuta 21-10 Go Eagles

Michelle Ribaudo 24-13 Go Pittstburgh

Lisa Bressler 47-35 That Kaepernick kid is cute

Christina Hizny 28-21 And I was in Baltimore when they won

John Abent 31-14 They're on a roll

Ed Ackerman 31-14 I feel sorry for the Poe Ravens, but a lot of my friends are 49ers fans

Jack Smiles 34-17 Niners are miners