Girls lacrosse catching on at PA

June 27th, 2015 1:36 am

First Posted: 4/5/2013

When Emily Foley enrolled at Misericordia University in 2008, she knew nothing about lacrosse. She was a field hockey player with four years of experience at Northwest Area high school.

At Misercordia she learned that the field hockey coach, Robyn Fedor Stahovic, was also the lacrosse coach. “It looked like fun,” Foley said, “and coach said, ‘Give it a try.’”

She did and it was. She learned the sport from scratch and played four years at Miseri. She graduated last May. Last winter at the Greater Pittston YMCA, where she works, she had a lacrosse shirt on and that’s how she wound up as coach of the start-up Pittston Area girls lacrosse team.

“Casey Donahue saw me with a lacrosse shirt on and he asked if I’d help start a program at PA,” Foley said. Donahue is a Pittston Area school board member.

Foley agreed and asked her Miseri teammate, Dani Gross, to be her assistant. Foley said having learned the sport from from scratch herself from Coach Stahovic, helped her and Gross with the PA start-up.

“We got tips and tools from her.”

Though some of the PA players had a crash course in lacrosse at a seminar at the YMCA in January, most of them never picked up a lacrosse stick before the first week of March, when spring practice started.

So it’s not surprising they lost their first two games against established teams from Delaware Valley and Dallas. On Thursday they lost 14-5 to Dallas, but that was a big improvement over the first game when the lost 18-1 to Del Val, when Sara Ruby scored the first-ever goal for the program.

Against Dallas, Liz Mikitish, who like Foley is a field hockey player, scored a hat trick. Dana Zalewski and Bianca Mattei-Miller also scored for PA.

Foley isn’t focusing and wins and losses. “We had our own accomplishments. Sara scoring that first goal and Liz getting the hat trick were awesome. I’m proud of the way they got used to playing in a game. They’re really excited and catching on quick.”

The Pittston Area school board gave the team, officially a club, $4,500. The parents’ club is raising the rest of the estimated $8,000 the season will cost. The next fund raiser is a ” Night Out” at the Red Mill Tavern on Saturday, April 13 from from 7 p.m. to 10.



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