Duct Dynasty?

June 27th, 2015 1:39 am

First Posted: 6/4/2013

A little over a year ago, then Wyoming Area senior Paul Minnelli and junior Rachael Stark were in a sticky situation.

What to wear for prom?

The answer? Duct tape!

“We saw the idea in a magazine and thought it was really cool to do,” said Stark.

Last year, the couple dressed in a punk rock theme. Was that a tacky idea? Not really. According to Stark, Minnelli would have not gone to prom if it weren’t for the unique outfits.

So how did the outfits come together? They wrapped their heads around the idea and used cloth for the base; bought tons of colored tape online and some super glue and they were set.

The patterns came from a local fabric shop and even though the outfits didn’t measure up to a conventional prom dress and tux, the savings were substantial. “It was still cheaper to do my own outfit,” said Stark, “it only came to about seventy-bucks.”

Minnelli has since gone on to Wilkes University and being it was Stark’s senior year, she asked him back to Wyoming Area to bond one more time for prom. Last year was such a hit; they thought they would stick to the same idea.

This year’s theme: Vintage 1800s.

The couple has been in a relationship and feel that the duct tape project has keep them adhesive for year now.

Graduating in just a few short days, Rachael will now wrap her head around the idea of going to college in the fall where she will stick her nose in the books at Misericordia University.