Says Bucky Harris baseball infield nothing to be proud of

June 27th, 2015 1:40 am

First Posted: 5/17/2013

I would like to speak a little about taking pride in what you do and being proud of what you’ve done.

Take for instance the Bucky Harris Field at the Primary Center. A little pride in taking care of the field and being proud of seeing your accomplishments would go a long way.

Just the other day in order to get a game in I took a rake to the infield to help the coaches prepare the field.

Now for years I have been hearing how horrendous the infield is in taking ground balls.

Of course, being an old time ball player and having played on some poor fields, I never really believed it until that day I was helping rake. I was embarrassed to invite other teams come to this field to play.

The board of education at one time all together should stand at second base and field a couple of grounders then perhaps a little pride would be in order. Perhaps if baseball had the same consideration as football we would be proud of that field, but we are not.

Something should be done and it will. We are taking on the responsibility of raising some funds to have the Bucky Harris Field professionally done or supply the materials needed for our grounds crew.

If I were to be allowed to rake the field myself I would do it at no cost to the taxpayers. No one should have to play ball on a field in this condition.

And I would take pride in what I do and be proud to say I am a Pittston Area Patriot

Pat McGinty