A night to shine

June 27th, 2015 1:43 am

First Posted: 3/16/2013

Our goal was to honor the Person of the Year, Charlie Adonizio, and Joseph Saporito Lifetime of Service Award recipient, Dr. Lewis Druffner, and we believe we accomplished that.

But there was another honoree at our annual Dispatch awards reception Tuesday night: the City of Pittston.

First of all, we believe we’ve made it clear on the pages of this publication for the past 67 years that we are Pittston’s biggest cheerleader. That does not mean we will not offer constructive critism or even chastise when warranted. But we much prefer to herald the good of this city and the surrounding communities that comprise Greater Pittston, and of course, the wonderful people who make this their home.

That good was certainly on display Tuesday.

First of all, the community turned out to honor the recipients and that in itself was something to behold.

There were, to be sure, folks on hand with heavy hearts. They belonged to the family members of the fallen Hometown Heroes, a permanent memorial to whom resulted in the naming of Adonizio. At Adonizio’s request, the gathering remembered their sacrifices with a moment of silence.

But even those who will grieve forever came Tuesday with hearts full of gratitude for the man who conceived of and then spearheaded the efforts to bring the memorial into fruition.

In planning the event, the Dispatch sought partners and we could have found none better than those who stepped forward.

Former mayor Mike Lombardo and volunteer downtown manager Atty. Rose Randazzo provided the venue, Open Space on Main Street right in the heart of town, and rallied their troops to prepare it for the occasion.

Then there is chef Michael Callahan. About to cut the ribbon soon on his new venture, Callahan’s on Main, Michael took our suggestion that Tuesday’s event might provide a perfect opportunity to introduce himself and ran with it. Boy, did he run with it. Right down to a pyramid of creme broulee for dessert, which he carmelized individually with a blow torch as appreciative attendees watch in mouth-watering anticipation.

As those in attendance stepped out afterwards into the cool evening air, they saw downtown Pittston on display in all of its new-found glory.

What they may find heard to believe is this is just the beginning.