Y rolls out two new programs for a healthy lifestyle

June 27th, 2015 1:43 am

First Posted: 8/30/2013

The Greater Pittston YMCA will be offering two new programs to help individuals in need of a personalized fitness program. “In the Cardiac Direction” and “Breathing Easy” will be available to members of the community who are looking to get fit and develop a healthy lifestyle.

“In the Cardiac Direction” is an individualized exercise program for the prevention of heart disease. This is a flexible program in the proper mode, intensity, duration, frequency, and progression to ensure each participant’s cardiovascular fitness without exceeding the safe limits of exercise. This program is available to those with heart conditions, obesity, hypertension and diabetes.

“Breathing Easy” is an individualized exercise program for people who have a history of lung problems, such as chronic asthma, COPD (Chronic Obstructive Lung Disease) and chronic allergies.

“We know there is a section of our community that is going unchecked, those with cardiovascular and pulmonary complications,” said Craig Lukatch, CEO, Greater Pittston YMCA. “We are thrilled to be starting these programs and ensuring the health and wellbeing of our community”

These programs are designed for children and their parents to gain knowledge, maintain and adopt healthy choices leading toward a balanced lifestyle.

Along with the adoption of these programs the Greater Pittston YMCA has hired Christine Baron, RN and Emily Richters, RDN LDN. Both come to the YMCA with highly qualified experience to aid in these programs.

The program is open to the public. The cost of the cardiac program is $20 per month for active YMCA members and $40 per month for non-members. The cost of the pulmonary program is $30 per month for members and $60 per month for non-members.

To inquire more information please contact the YMCA at 570-655-2255 or by stopping by at 10 N. Main Street, Pittston.