June 27th, 2015 1:43 am

First Posted: 9/24/2013

Mother-son bowling today

All registered moms and their sons: See you today from noon to 2 p.m. at Chacko’s Bowling, Wilkes-Barre.

Parent Support Group

The Holy Rosary Parent Support Group of Children with Learning Differences invites all HRS school families to attend the upcoming workshop: “Holistic Open Forum on Brain and Body Solutions for Parents and Teachers.”

The skills introduced are natural and holistic in nature and can be easily integrated into daily life at home and in school. Presenter Aimee Long, CNHP, Holistic Iridologist, Herbalist, and Nutritionist will discuss nutritional and holistic practices, the brain and intestines commonalities (What is Leaky Gut Syndrome?), nutritional solutions, avoiding neuro-toxins, both common and rare exposures and offer herbal and homeopathic support. This program is free of charge. More information is afvailable by calling 570-457-2553.

Homeroom parents needed

Were you unable to attend the PTO meeting but would like to volunteer to be a homeroom parents for your child’s or children’s class(es)? Help is especially needed in sixth and seventh grades. If interested in becoming a homeroom parents, call 570-457-2553 or email holyrosaryduryea@hotmail.com.

Athletic medical forms

Please check Edline, Athletic Association Folder, for forms that must be filled out for your child to participate in sports. Completed forms are due to the office by Oct. 9.


Please refer to Edline for all the latest school news and information. We look forward to utilizing Edline and email to provide the most current information to parents, while reducing paper usage in the future.

Gertrude Hawk order forms

Gertrude Hawk order forms are due by Thursday, Oct. 10. Keep the bottom copy and brochure for your records. Fill out the top and bottom of the order form and carry all totals down to the bottom strip of the order form. Make checks payable to Holy Rosary School. Estimated order pickup is Tuesday, Nov. 19.

Gift certificate news

Gift certificate sales are held from 8 to 10 a.m. every Thursday in the Holy Rosary Church hall. School families may send in orders on Wednesday to be filled on Thursday.

Tab collection

The Holy Rosary Student Council will collect ring tabs for the Ronald McDonald House throughout the school year. Send them to school with your children.


In addition to cartridge recycling, we also have cell phone recycling. Select cell phones can be dropped off in the same location and recycled for credit. For more information or for a list of qualifying cartridges, contact Mrs. Skutack at 570-457-2553.

Labels and box tops

Campbell’s Soup labels and Box Tops for Education are being collected at Holy Rosary School. These programs enable us to provide educational resources that may be unaffordable through our regular budget. They offer merchandise like computers, software, sports equipment, reference materials, science and art items, even musical instruments. Continue your support of these programs by sending in your labels to the school office or by placing them in the church vestibule. If you have any questions, please contact the school’s office. Also, check labels for expiration dates. They can be sent in immediately and processed before they expire; there is no need to wait until you accumulate a quantity.