June 27th, 2015 1:43 am

First Posted: 8/13/2013



On Tuesday, Aug. 27, Pittston Area Senior High School will be hosting a Freshmen Orientation from 9-11:30 a.m. All ninth-grade students and newly enrolled transfer students (grades 9 thru 12) and their parents/guardians are encouraged to attend.

Ninth-grade students enrolled in the Wilkes-Barre Career & Technical Center Headstart Program do not have to attend. These students will be bused to the CTC on the first day of school and will have orientation there.

Students and their parents are to report to the high school auditorium promptly at 9 a.m. for a short presentation. Students will have the opportunity to receive their schedules, lockers, and student handbooks. Also, students and parents will have the opportunity to tour the school and meet student’s teachers, counselors, and principals.



The Pittston Area Primary Center will hold kindergarten orientation on Wednesday, August 28. The orientation will begin a approximately 10 a.m. and will conclude at noon. Students who ride the bus will be picked up with their parents/ guardians at their assigned bus stops one hour later than their assigned bus pick-up time. Students who are driven to school will report at 10 a.m. with parent or guardian. A school wide messenger phone message with additional details will be sent to all kindergarten parents. Parents with questions or concerns may call the Primary Center at 655-3785.



John Haas, principal Pittston Area High School announces the high school homeroom assignments for the year 2013-2014 school term are as follows:



Mrs. Vincelli C-11 Ant to But

Mrs. Plis C-12 Cad to Dan

TBA C-13 Dav to Gre

Mrs. Cocco C-14 Gri to Kin

Mr. L. Hazlet C-15 Kiz to Mat

Mr. Richards C-16 Mat to Mur

Mrs. Miller C-17 Nap to Raz

Mr. Russick C-18 Rea to Sim

Mrs. Mattingly C-19 Sim to Wal

Mrs. Pietras C-21 Wal to Zur


Ms. Valeski B-05 Ait to Bun

Ms. Martin B-04 Cad to Dic

Mrs. Keren B-03 Dom to Gar

Mrs. Distasio B-02 Gat to Kam

Mr. J. Walsh B-01 Kar to Mai

Mrs. A. Hazlet C-03 Mal to Mor

Mrs. Sutton C-06 Mor to Pon

Mrs. Bauman C-07 Pre to Sal

Mr. Anthony C-08 Sav to Tek

Mr. T. Joyce C-09 Tem to Zyd


Mr.Kupetz A-18 Ada to Bro

Ms. Rugletic A-20 Bro to D’El

Mrs. Getrige B-17 Dan to Ful

Mr. Zangardi B-16 Gal to Hug

Mrs. Turner B-15 Ian to Lok

Mrs. Saunders B-13 Lop to Mur

Ms. Piazza B-11 Mus to Ram

Mr. Victor B-10 Rep to Swa

Mr. Carroll B-08 Swa to Zal


Ms. McGlynn A-21 Ade to Whi


Mrs. Collins A-01 Ada to Bro

Mr. Hopkins A-02 Bro to Dil

Ms. LaScala A-03 Dom to Git

Mrs. Verdine A-04 Gos to Jen

Ms. Wascavich A-05 Job to Lud

Ms. Kotula A-08 Lyn to Mur

Mr. Caprari A-10 Nay to Qua

Mr. Amitia A-11 Qui to Sou

Mrs. Adams A-13 Ste to Wal

Mrs. Greenwald A-16 Wal to Zyd


Mrs. Corbett A-19 Bee to Wel