Little Flowers Girls Club of Holy Rosary enjoys ‘Tea with the Queen’

June 27th, 2015 1:45 am

First Posted: 7/17/2013

The Little Flowers Girls Club of Holy Rosary School recently held a Mother/Daughter Tea and awards ceremony. Queen Victoria’s Court presented a program called “Tea with the Queen.” Member Lesley Bommer took on the persona of Queen Victoria. She told about Victoria’s life and then explained the customs of proper Victorian Tea. From left, first row, are Julie Moelier, Abby Sankus, Julie Mazaleski, Belle Vermac, Grazia Saporito. Second row, Lainey Rostock, Sarah Armitage, Mary Elizabeth Kishbaugh, Liz Stone, Jessica Nawrocki. Third row, Queen Victoria’s Court members Pat Rinish and Margaret Messana, Kalley Kovaleski, Abby Klins, Kierra Saldi, Emily Makaravage, Queen Victoria’s Court members Mary Ocwieja, Lesley Bommer, Mary Ann Rodeghiero. Absent at the time of the photo was Susan Seitzinger.