Letterwriter says parents’ actions perpetuate bullying

June 27th, 2015 1:48 am

First Posted: 3/4/2013

It happens in every sport, every season, all across the country. Parents are disgruntled because they think their kid should be playing and the coaching staff disagrees.

Let me just say, coaches want to win. Bottom line. If your child is not playing it is because they aren’t good enough. It sounds harsh, but it’s true.

What I witnessed by a small group of disgruntled parents this year has left me feeling a myriad of unpleasant emotions, including astonishment, anger, stress and sadness. These people went through great lengths to attend every game (home or away) specifically to make fun of the coach, say nasty things and cheer against a group of kids.

Who does something like that?

I get it, your kid was upset and you’re angry but to purposely sit in public and perpetuate such hateful things right in front of your own child makes you a bad parent. Be an adult and keep those feelings to yourself and deal with them in a constructive manner.

Instead, you are teaching your kids to deal with disappointment by spewing hate. It makes me sick. We wonder as a country how or why bullying has become such an epidemic.

I know exactly why and the behavior I witnessed this year is the proof.

Amy Buzinski Wyoming