Supervisors act on cell phone towers, solar panels

June 27th, 2015 1:51 am

First Posted: 2/24/2013

Pittston Township Supervisors unanimously approved a change in the zoning ordinance on Tuesday

The change included the regulation of cell phone towers, solar panels, wind farms and wood fire burners.

The goal of the Planning Commission is to maintain and improve quality of life for township residents, said Supervisors Chairman Anthony Tuttle.

He said the ordinance reflects compliance with Federal Communications Commission directives concerning such technological issues as cell phone tower placement.

Tuttle also emphasized input from residents had been welcomed and received throughout the drafting of the ordinance.

I can say all involved have followed due diligence to ensure we have covered as many aspects of our township's current developments, as well as future ones, Tuttle said.

Solicitor John Finnerty said he had reviewed the ordinance and found it legally sound and especially well done.

Zoning Officer Terry Best, professional liaison for the project, lauded the commission for its hard work on the ordinance over a two-year period.

In another matter, Micheal Fiorelli, CPA, presented the township's 2012 audit, saying the books and records were found to be in excellent condition, with no irregularities.

The audit reflected a total fund balance at year close of $2,693,357.

This leaves us in a good financial position to move forward with building projects planned by the Board for the upcoming year, Township manager John Bonita said.

The board also announced the arrival of a new ambulance, to be put into service upon the completion of necessary certifications and licenses.

It authorized the Ambulance Association to retain a rebate of $4114 received from the vendor for future expenses.

The board approved use of township fields for Little League baseball, t-ball, and minor league ball. Challenger League will have use of the field on Saturday night. Victory Baseball will play on Sunday evenings.

The next meeting of the Board of Supervisors will take place on Monday, March 18 at 7 p.m.