WA Class of ‘73 seeks classmates

June 27th, 2015 1:51 am

First Posted: 7/2/2013

The Wyoming Area High School Class of 1973 is planning its 40th anniversary reunion for Labor Day weekend.

Addresses are needed for the following classmates: Debbie Bray Martinelli, Suzanne Bruno Ninassi, Andrea Budzynski, Ellen Coulter, Annette Amato Loveland, Cleta Barber, John Bartolomei, Elizabeth Berulis Matuza, Rosemarie Grabosky Paltras, Karen Howells Humphries, Charles Huthmaker, Eugene Kelly, Susan Kimber, Richard King, Deborah Kiwak, Leonad Kuchinskas.

Also, Teresa MacLean, Alberta Mazonis Searfoss, Carl Ninassi, Nereo Ninotti, Michael Owens, William Paluck, Elaine Panzitta, William Payne, George Rooney, Jane Rogers, Thomas Rosencrance, Cynthia Sandroski, Ann Scoble, Susan Stash Huthmaker, Nancy Vandermark, Mary Ellen Stanulis Carey and Barbara Werts.

Anyone with mailing addresses for any of these classmates is asked to contact Dotty Martin at dottymartin@comcast.net.