June 27th, 2015 1:51 am

First Posted: 2/3/2013

This is the 47th Super Sunday and as far as I'm concerned none of them have been super. Even the times the Packers won. See, I'm not talking about the football game – the Super Bowl – I'm talking about the day – Super Sunday.

A day called Super Sunday – a veritable national holiday, maybe not up there with Christmas and Easter, but surely on a par with the 4th of July and a heck of a lot more exciting than Labor Day – should be much more than just a big party with a football game in the background. Shouldn't it?

You'd think by now the day would have taken on super status in hundreds of ways. Not just Super Savings at an automobile dealership or Super Deals on chicken wings and pizza, but super everything.

What do I mean?

I mean take Super Sunday and approach it ... no, embrace it ... no, attack it ... no, overwhelm it, with a super attitude. Don't do a single thing unless you make it super. As sportscaster Jack Buck said when Ozzie Smith of the St. Louis Cardinals hit a ninth inning homer to beat the Los Angeles Dodgers in game 5 of the 1985 National League playoffs, ‘Go crazy, folks!

Go crazy today, folks, in everything you do ... all day long ... even the littlest of things. Put a super gob of toothpaste on your brush and go at those pearly whites with super gusto. Sing in the shower at the top of your lungs.

Give the wife, the kids, mom and dad, a super hug. Show them how much you super love them.

Dive into a super breakfast.

On a diet? Not today. Slather a super layer of real butter on your toast, or better yet on a super stack of pancakes. Go crazy with the maple syrup.

If you go out for breakfast, order a super meal and then leave a super tip. It won't kill you and it will make the waitress's day super too.

Like Easter Sunday, Super Sunday should be a day when you can't get a seat in church if you don't get there early. Every church should have a super crowd filling the pews and super smiles all around. The choir should be at their super best and the collection basket overflowing with super donations. That gives me an idea: Super Sunday should be a day for super giving. Write a check to a charity on Super Sunday.

Super Sunday: a super day for soup kitchens. If done right, they could make their annual goal in one day.

Super Sunday should be a day for super decisions, super commitment, super sincerity, super action. Everything we do should be over the top.

Need to quit smoking? Super Sunday's the day.

Have an old friend you've lost touch with? Pick up the phone.

Need to mend a broken relationship? Do it now.

How about this: thinking of popping the question? Get down on one knee and ask her today. Anybody can propose on Valentine's Day. But you're not just anyone. And neither is she. You two are super and so's your relationship.

Pick your moment. I'm thinking right after the National Anthem, or just before the halftime show. If you're a big 49ers or Ravens fan, wait until they win the game. Then you can say, Only one thing in the world could make me happier today – if you will be my wife.

How super is that?

Super syrupy maybe, but the rewards will last a lifetime.

Even if she has her doubts, by the way, she'll have to say yes if you ask her on Super Sunday. It's the element of surprise, like throwing a long bomb on third-and-one.

Super Sunday should be full of such surprises. Dye your hair today. Or chop it all off. Shave your beard. Or start to grow one.

Tell someone you're sorry.

And mean it.

Kids been begging for a puppy?

Hubby's longing for your homemade lasagna?

Mom's been making a novena that you'd go back to college?

Wife's almost given up on you fixing that leaking kitchen faucet?

Gramma's waiting a long time for a visit?

Well, today's the day to tidy up all that stuff.

Do something – big or small – today that no one expects.

And do it with super enthusiasm.

Do lots of those things.

Let your imagination run wild.

From the time we get up today until the time we go to bed, we all should strive to be super men, super women, super children, super people.

Go ahead, give it a shot.

And when we wake up tomorrow morning, we'll all be saying, Man, that was a Super Sunday!