The secret’s in the sauce

June 27th, 2015 1:52 am

First Posted: 8/16/2013

Seems you can’t take the Pittston out of the girl.

Dr. Carmella Sebastian made a triumphant return to her hometown, where growing up she was able to gather enough material to write a book on her family, experiences and food.

The book, titled Sex and Spaghetti Sauce: My Italian Mother’s Recipe for Getting Healthy and Getting Busy in Your 50s and Beyond, is chock full of information on eating healthy, portion control, changing habits, surviving mental fatigue, the power of sleep, and yes, the importance of sex.

Dr. Carm, as she is known, has become a nationally known wellness educator with a special interest in women at mid-life and women’s wellness and has become widely admired for her straightforward talk and sense of humor and for offering all in her audience practical, achievable wellness strategies and solutions. No doubt she gathered much of this knowledge from her parents, the late Jimmy and Mary Mitchell, right here in Pittston, Pennsylvania.

Dr. Carm held two book signings; one at the Open Space on Saturday followed by a book signing/reading on Sunday at the Greater Pittston Chamber of Commerce building where more than 40 friends and relatives had a chance to enjoy her wit first-hand. She was introduced by her cousin, Maria Capolarella Montante.

During a reading, Dr. Carm stopped in her tracks as one of the late arrivals shuffled in the packed room to find a place to sit. “Oh my God,” she said. “It’s my high school English teacher!”

Her voice became emotional as Joe Curry and his wife were trying to get settled. “I can’t believe I’m reading my book with my former English teacher in the room,” she quipped. “I hope you didn’t grade the book!”

Sebastian went on the phrase Curry mentioning that he helped her immensely in writing her essay when applying to medical school. “He read over the essay and caught an improper word and if he didn’t catch that, I may not be a doctor today,” added the 1981 Pittston Area graduate.

Dr. Carm will post four-blogs on her website, where she will talk about food, family, friends and fun.

“There is no place like home,” said Sebastian. “The love, the support, the stories about my mom and dad was just wonderful,” speaking about being back in Pittston.

Look for Dr. Carm to return to Greater Pittston in the future but promises to be in town during next year’s Tomato Festival.

The Sebastians, along with daughters Gabriella, 20, and Angelina, 16, reside in Tampa, Florida.

If you missed your chance to purchase the book from Dr. Carm, you may do so by going to