Holy Rosary students receive First Holy Communion

June 27th, 2015 1:52 am

First Posted: 5/29/2013

Holy Rosary School second-grade students celebrated their Class Communion on May 15 after each student had received First Holy Communion in their respective home parishes. From left, first row, are Jessica Ostrowski, Brielle Scheland, Adina DeStefano, Aiden McCoy, Gisele Falzone, Karli Mahasky and Ashley Abplanalp. Second row, Joshua DeSanto, Jeremy Cawley, Henry Rosen, Lauren Shay, Dino DiMauro, Michael Cicon and Matthew Stetz. Third row, Mrs. Candice Lee, administrative assistant; Paige Skibitsky, Ethan Licari, Hailey Halagarda, Seth Miller, Gloria Tabone, Louis Lussi, Nakya Grumblis, Mrs. Joan Dowd, second-grade teacher. Fourth row, Kyle Skutack, Sarah Lyons, Charles Cox, Carsyn Cole, Michael Allardyce, Paige Kroptavich and Andrew Bender.