Cheerleaders helping cheerleaders

June 27th, 2015 1:53 am

First Posted: 7/18/2013

The Duryea Wildcats junior football season is about to begin, but before that happens, there are many hours of training and learning routines by members of four cheerleading squads.

Cheering camp started this past week with the Pittston Area varsity cheerleaders giving a helping hand. “We like to think of it as cheerleaders helping cheerleaders,” said Tammy Urbanski, head cheer advisor for the Wildcats.

“In a way, its like big sister helping little sister,” Urbanski added. Simply put, some of these young girls will, one day, be Patriot cheerleaders.

The Wildcats organization also conducts a fundraiser for the PA cheering squad for its annual trip to Florida. “It’s a way we can give back,” said Wildcats treasurer Matt Hogan.

The Wildcats organization is grateful ti the varsity girls who volunteer their time to help. “It helps a lot because it gets the younger kids the opportunity to see what cheerleading is about,” said PA assistant varsity advisor Evelyn Moyer. “It helps the older girls to bond with the younger girls and help them prepare for the upcoming level.”

Moyer estimates that one-quarter of the Wildcats cheerleaders make up the current varsity squad at Pittston Area.

“I think it’s a really good experience for them,” said Hunter Antal, a freshman PA varsity cheerleader. “I think it betters them as a person and sometimes it’s better to have older girls help rather than the coaches try to help them.”

As a formers Wildcat cheerleader and current Patriots cheerleader, junior Marissa Facciponti likes the fact that she could help the younger girls. “I liked it when the varsity cheerleaders came down to help us because they showed us a lot of different things to do,” she said.