Greater Pittston residents in the news

Happy birthday Doreen Propersi Brown, a lifelong resident of Old Forge, will celebrate her birthday Oct. 26 with family and friends. Happy anniversary Debbie and Patrick Talipan, of Pittston Twp., will celebrate their 27th wedding anniversary on Oct. 26. The couple has four children, Brian, Justin, Kevin and Kaitlyn. Birth announcements A girl was born […]

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Blindness doesn’t hold back Luzerne County assistant public defender

Luzerne County Assistant Public Defender Steph Fernandes has come to expect personal questions from her juvenile clients when they realize she is blind. The 28-year-old Kingston resident assures their often embarrassed parents she is not offended by such probing because demystifying her life shows others a blind person can thrive independently. “Most people do not […]

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Peeking into the Past: Proclamation asked citizens to reaffirm allegiance to US

1948 – 69 YEARS AGO Many in Greater Pittston were disappointed when they found out that President Harry S. Truman would not stop in the city during his whirlwind whistle-stop campaign to win a second term in office. He did, however, travel through the area on his way to Wilkes-Barre. Even though it was during […]

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Luzerne County District Attorney pleads for more staff

WILKES-BARRE — Luzerne County District Attorney Stefanie Salavantis delivered a passionate pitch for three additional assistant district attorneys during Tuesday’s council budget work session. “I don’t know how much longer we can continue with the positions we have,” she said. “I’m trying to do my best to keep us from sinking.” The office currently has […]

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Sky Zone Pittston works to improve customer experience

PITTSTON — Since Sky Zone Pittston’s opening three years ago, the indoor trampoline park has made tweaks to better market itself to the Greater Pittston community. Some of those decisions can be traced back to General Manager Ed Kearns. “It’s just trying to improve the customer experience to be more friendly and social media interaction,” […]

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Second time around for two proposed new Luzerne County positions

Two proposed new Luzerne County government positions have been rejected by past administrations. The first — a $96,000 chief operating officer — was shot down by council when prior county manager Robert Lawton requested the position in 2015 under the title of an assistant or deputy county manager. Prior county councilman Rick Morelli had been […]

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New fee on Luzerne County deeds opposed

Adding another fee on Luzerne County real estate transactions would hurt people buying homes and refinancing, a representative of the county’s Association of Realtors Association told council members. A fee of up to $15 was suggested on deeds and mortgages recorded in the county to create a fund to demolish blighted properties in the county’s […]

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Prison remains top expense in proposed Luzerne County budget

Luzerne County’s prison system remains the largest single department expense, eating up $28.5 million, or 20 percent of next year’s proposed $141.1 million general fund operating budget, a review shows. Revenue from the prison is budgeted at $954,489 next year, an increase of approximately $376,000. Spending on the Water Street prison and a minimum offenders […]

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Luzerne County awards natural-gas recreation funding

WILKES-BARRE — Instead of granting larger earmarks for a select few, Luzerne County Council members opted to hand out smaller, equal shares of leftover natural-gas recreation funding to 14 municipalities and two nonprofits for parks, playgrounds and other projects. Each will receive approximately $4,424. A total $70,782 was available. County Manager C. David Pedri pulled […]

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Program guarantees 100 new houses in Pittston City

PITTSTON — Former Pittston City mayor Mike Lombardo announced a new housing initiative to build 100 new homes in Pittston, creating a housing boom that hasn’t been seen since the 1960s. Lombardo, who sits on the city Redevelopment Authority Board, made the announcement of the 100 Houses Initiative at a ribbon cutting ceremony of Stauffer […]

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