PEEKING INTO THE PAST: Union men went door to door to help widows

Question: In a 1947 letter signed by C.K. to the editor of the Sunday Dispatch, a Pittston resident blamed Pittston housewives for “killing the goose that laid the golden egg.” Of what offense were the housewives accused? 1947 – 70 YEARS AGO The Avoca Airport was to officially open, marking the end of a three-year […]

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PEEKING INTO THE PAST: News of John C. Kehoe’s death spread rapidly

Question: In 1947, if a driver left Scranton at 7:30 a.m. how could they arrive in Exeter at 7:10 a.m.? 1947 – 70 Years Ago An advertisement in the Sunday Dispatch read, “The Sun Shines Every Day at Harding” where a person could buy a lot for as little as $300 along the beautiful Sullivan […]

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PEEKING INTO THE PAST: Two halves of $5 bill hold sad tale for Dupont soldiers

Question: In 1948, to cover delinquent taxes owed to the city of Pittston, the Champ Brewery was up for sale. Of the many items listed in the company’s assets, what was the one item stored at the brewery that had an uncertain future? 1949 – 68 Years Ago Pvt. Bernard J. Elko, of Exeter, was […]

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PEEKING INTO THE PAST: Dike system proposal shot down by Army Corps of Engineers

1947 – 70 Years Ago A new wage scale and work-hour requirement was implemented for registered nurses caring for patients needing 24 hour care in hospitals. For years, nurses worked a 12-hour shift for $6 a day, but in 1947, the daily scale was upped to $8, and shift hours were shortened to eight hours. […]

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PEEKING INTO THE PAST: Was it gangsters or ghosts inhabiting home with storied past?

Question: In 1948, why were World War II C-47 war planes flying low over the Greater Pittston area and expected to leave “death in their wake”. 1948 – 69 YEARS AGO The big question of the day was not only what communities, but what factions of the workforce would push their clocks ahead one hour […]

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Peeking into the Past: Pittstonians asked to help influence election result in Italy

Question: In 1948, By what methods were Italian-American families in Pittston asked to fight Communism in an important election in their homeland, and did it affect the outcome? 1948 – 69 YEARS AGO In a small write up in Local Chatter, it was revealed that Harry Andes, a chef at Fox Hill Country Club, had […]

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Peeking into the past: Men and women gave surprising answers to political question in 1950

1947 – 70 YEARS AGO In 1947, a plan formulated by Pittston City Council to collect $30,000 owed to the city by property owners, reduced liens to judgment at property sheriff’s sales. Council members initiated a method to discharge mortgages held by local banks. The method, used for the first time in the history of […]

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Traffic tickets were no longer a laughing matter in 1950

1948 – 69 Years Ago St. John’s High School offered girls the opportunity to play basketball again after a 15-year hiatus. The Dispatch recalled the years prior that the sport was popular with local girls and the Hughestown team stood out as the area’s best. Avoca’s high school team, coached by Ruth Little, practiced in […]

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Peeking into the past: Questions arose about missing Lithuanian population

Editor’s note: This article first published in February 2013 Question: The 1980 census results for Greater Pittston published in the Sunday Dispatch reflected the once abundant Lithuanian population had disappeared. What happened to it? 1963 – 54 YEARS AGO The merged Northeast School District planned an effort to collect per capita taxes from delinquents. The […]

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Peeking into the past: Some wanted Dispatch publisher Kehoe for PA governor

1950 – 67- YEARS AGO Harold Granahan, 14, of the Browntown section of Pittston Township, woke up at 4 a.m. on the morning Jan. 28, 1950. He felt terribly sick and quickly realized it was due to heavy smoke and fumes that permeated the home. He crawled out of his bed and made his way […]

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