Santa the subject of reader’s Christmas poem

December 15th, 2015 1:21 pm

The Sparkle in Santa’s Eye

There once was a boy and his little sister

They both cherished Christmas morning so

Yes, they would love to gather their sleds

And go out in the snow

Their mom would love to make cookies for them

and surprise them all the more

Then dad and mom would take them both

to shop at the favorite store

Then they met Santa Claus in the middle of the mall

Next to a Christmas tree, ever so tall

The children looked sleepy, ready for a nap

Then Santa put the kids one at a time on his lap

He asked them for their Christmas list,

He asked them not to fret

For he and his reindeer, including Rudolph

Would honor their list, you could bet

The children went home, the parents tucked

them to bed

Can you imagine the thoughts going through

a child’s head

The Christmas tree, full of beauty and light

The choir members singing Christmas carols

throughout the snowy night

Then at that moment the whole house shook

The kids both decided to take a look

An object in the sky, like an angel bringing joy

A joyful remembrance for this little girl and boy

The morning came, the children’s gifts were

as beautiful as the angel in the sky

But what stuck in their minds the most

Was the sparkle in Santa’s eye.

Michael English

Pittston Township