Yateville resident pens poem about Valentine’s Day

February 11th, 2016 3:35 pm

“Feb. 14”

Commonly known as Valentine’s Day,

when love is exuded almost like a foray.

It is an awakening of our best qualities, that’s for sure,

many a-time this change makes like a good will cure.

The day could be a humdrum, but later will be ecstatic,

universally people celebrate this day, and it seems democratic.

This feeling can overcome anyone,

because love is in the air and captivates everyone.

Many stores start early with valentines galore,

with such beautiful writings in cards, to purchase they implore.

These wonderful feelings of love never go away,

sometimes they get better in time, especially on this day.

People say that on Feb. 14, love is at its best,

keeping it flourishing worldwide could be a good test.

Love and seeking that gleam in everyone’s faces,

is the best of feelings, and it’s good even in small traces.

Ronald Voveris