Yatesville man pays tribute to Tom Tigue through poetry


    Colonel Tom Tigue

    A man of humble beginnings from the start,

    Who grew up, helped many to the end, let us not impart.

    He did so much for people,

    That a flag pole was named after him, high like a steeple.

    Also to be mentioned, that Tom served his country so well,

    And arrived home safely after going through a war’s hell.

    Tom served in Congress for many years,

    And had his challenges, and shed his share of tears.

    He had that certain magnetism about him,

    And after becoming ill, life seemed dim.

    Tom seemed positive all the time,

    He loved family and friends, always a good sign.

    Colonel Tom Tigue was one of America’s finest,

    And like a heaven’s star, he is the shiniest.

    Ronald Voveris


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